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24 kilograms of ‘unclaimed’ cannabis discovered on the banks of a river in Nepal

Police officers patrolling the banks of the Baijnath and Tawa River in Nepal this week discovered 24 kilograms of cannabis and have no idea who it belongs to.

According to a report from Republica, the area is a known route for cannabis smugglers.

The police suspect that smugglers were likely in the midst of transporting the cannabis, but, for whatever reason, fled the scene, leaving the bud behind.

Cannabis is illegal in both India and Nepal, although there is a long history of using the plant for religious ceremonies and in Ayurvedic medicine. Cannabis is also indigenous to the Himalayas and grows across the famed mountain range.

It’s not an uncommon sight for travellers in the region, which was the case for travel blogger Gabriel Morris, who revealed a hillside covered in cannabis plants in the Nepalese Himalayas in a YouTube video

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