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4 Tips For Safely Sharing Weed During Flu Season

Making it through the pandemic without contracting COVID only to end up with the flu is a nightmare for millions of Americans as flu season gets underway. The risk of contracting the flu is even higher for cannabis enthusiasts who are eager to get back to their old ways of passing weed to their friends.

Unfortunately, the idea of passing around bongs and blunts is still risky. However, there are ways to share your weed without sharing germs. Here are some suggestions.

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Sharing Edibles

A great alternative to traditional methods of sharing weed with friends could be baking and sharing edibles together. There are numerous edible recipes that are easy to make and taste delicious. Making edibles could serve as a great way to catch up and enjoy each other’s company before getting baked yourself. The fact that sharing edibles is likely the best way to enjoy cannabis together without potentially getting each other sick is an added bonus.

Consider Using Personal Paraphernalia

It’s no secret that germs can be easily exchanged by sharing pipes, bongs and bubblers. That’s why during flu season, it’s likely a good idea to stick to using personal pieces even when smoking with friends. Fortunately, there are numerous pieces that are portable. This method is particularly fun when everyone has a different strain of their own to bring to the party that allows each person to try a new strain while using their own preferred piece. Additionally, smoking marijuana from pipes allows the weed to last a bit longer than rolling it, which means longer, more enjoyable sessions with your friends!

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Vaping From Personal Devices

Similar to using personal paraphernalia, personal vaporizers can be an effective alternative to passing around the same bong or blunt. A lot of vaporizers on the market nowadays come with 2-in-1 capabilities that allow users to consume both concentrates and dry herb with them. This allows you to get together with friends and enjoy the sensations both concentrates and dry herb marijuana offer without the risk of passing the flu or other contagious illnesses. Another benefit of using vaporizers as an alternative to passing a bong or a blunt is that vaping can provide a different high which allows consumers to get a better taste of the strain they’re consuming.

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Sharing a Double-Crutch Joint

Sometimes, nothing hits the spot like a puff of a tightly-rolled joint. Sharing a joint with friends without the risk of passing along a flu or cold is difficult, but that’s where knowing how to roll a double-crutch joint comes in handy. Rolling one is simple. All it takes is rolling one up the way you normally would, then cutting it in half. Just pass the other half to whoever it is you’re smoking with and suddenly you’re sharing the same joint! Even though it’ll likely take some getting used to, smoking a double-crutch joint is the ideal way to share the satisfaction of a joint with a friend without sharing the risk of getting sick.

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