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Four boxes of cannabis inside vehicle kicks off police probe that ends with discovery of $10.2 million worth of weed

Things went from bad to worse for an Australian man when his vehicle was stopped and about AU$264,000 ($240,240) worth of weed was found. This kicked off investigations that resulted in discovering dried cannabis and live plants valued at AU$11.2 million ($10.2 million).

The driver was arrested at the scene. But officers were not done there.

The vehicle bust kicked off two more investigations that led to two more finds. One of those was at a storage facility in Toowoomba, where 59 kilograms of cannabis worth $354,000 ($322,140) was discovered in five boxes on Dec. 8.

The second and much larger one involved an illegal cannabis grow-op found on Dec. 9 in Willow Springs. Reported to have 3,015 plants of varying sizes, the sophisticated grow — complete with a greenhouse, drying shed and lighting, irrigation and ventilation systems — was estimated to have

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