How To Manage A Realistic Sleep Schedule As A Busy Mom

Sleep and parenting seldom go hand in hand because of evident reasons. New mommies can expect long nights tending to the little one’s needs. Things may get better once the kids grow up, but a restful slumber is far from possible. Sick nights, workplace anxiety, and the pressure of the early morning rush are enough to cause sleep deprivation. The stress of raising a stubborn teen can push you to the edge and even lead to full-blown insomnia. But you can regain control and prevent the worst with a few simple measures. Let us share some actionable tips to manage a realistic sleep schedule as a busy mom.

Avoid unrealistic expectations

Avoiding unrealistic expectations is the best way to create a realistic sleep schedule. Remember that life changes after you become a mommy, so you cannot expect an uninterrupted eight-hour slumber, no matter how much you try. Even seven hours in bed may be good enough, provided the quality of sleep is good. Also, avoid counting the hours until you settle down as a new mom because it may aggravate the problem by stressing you out.

Ditch perfectionism

Besides managing your bedtime expectations, you must also learn to ditch perfectionism. Avoid losing sleep over dirty dishes, unfolded laundry, and incomplete tasks on your to-do lists. Likewise, you may miss out on work deadlines and shopping sprees. Perfectionism is not possible, regardless of the effort you invest as a mommy. Embracing the let-go mindset is the best way to reclaim peace and sleep.

Look for a holistic therapy

Busy mommies looking for shortcuts like popping a pill to deal with sleep deprivation. But it can do more harm than good, with implications like habit formation and side effects in the long run. Fortunately, you can rely on natural alternatives like essential oils and herbal teas to induce a restful slumber. Try Delta 9 Gummies, as the cannabinoid relaxes your body and calms your mind, leading to better quality and duration of sleep. The best thing is that hemp-based delta 9 is federally legal, provided you opt for products with THC content below 0.3%.

Rework your routine

Another valuable piece of advice for sleep-deprived mommies is to rework their routines. Consider aligning it with the schedule of your children to ensure that you do not have to wake up when they need something. The reset may require some effort for a working mom, but you can manage eventually. Also, stick with the schedule during weekends as it ensures good adherence in the long run.

Manage your lifestyle

Sleep links closely with your lifestyle, specifically your diet and activity levels. For example, eating heavy meals, drinking caffeine, and indulging in alcohol in the evening can lead to insomnia. Lack of exercise and stress are other culprits, so you must steer clear of them, no matter how jam-packed your schedule is. A clean sleeping space with a comfortable bed and optimal temperature also help with better sleep.

Managing a realistic sleep routine as a busy mom is easier than you imagine. You can embrace these simple measures to ensure both quality and the number of hours of rest.