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Review Of Bud365 | Craft Cannabis is noted as one of the top online dispensaries of Canada, because of their premium mail-order marijuana. Based in Vancouver, Bud 365 is “Home of the Bubba Kings,” specializing in the Bubba King line of superb cannabis strains; among, other lines and well-known brands.

Moreover, the Bubba King line, specifically, is made in small batches; with stronger, more stringent growing practices, to properly craft a luxury cannabis product. This forward-thinking, mail-order dispensary has a simple goal; to provide you with artisan-produced cannabis, from local growers that take their craft seriously. also offers a diverse selection of AAAA+ bud, guaranteed to please heavy smokers and picky weed connoisseurs alike. In that wide selection, however, this MOM dispensary took the cake, with the strains I was able to fully review.

When I received my package from Bud 365, it was delivered discreetly into my mailbox. Fully sealed, you would not have been able to tell it was cannabis, unless you opened the box and the bags, to view what was inside.

The strains I’d ordered were all individually sealed and conveniently labelled, so I wouldn’t get them confused. Although I didn’t buy this much per strain, it looks like 7-gram orders are delivered in a glass jar instead of a bag, keeping the odour completely locked into the package until you open the jar.

I only reviewed flower strains at this time, but it’s important to mention the variety of other craft cannabis products this MOM dispensary has; concentrates like hash and shatter, a range of edibles and even various bath, body, health and beauty products.

In this article, we have reviewed a few of the Bubba King classics, like Bubba God; however, we have also reviewed a new favourite of ours; Blue Iguana. Stick around till the end, too – we’ve got a coupon code to save you even more money.

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Platinum Kush (I 90/S 10)

First up on the list is Platinum Kush, a Bubba King’s Exclusive, Indica-dominant cannabis strain. True to its name, this bud gave off a silver, platinum-like sparkle, across huge sections. The almost-white colour is from the massive amount of trichomes on each precious, well cured and crafted nug; a beautiful sight to see.

Orange hues appear frequently across the bud, but if you look closer, there are hints of purple throughout each nugget as well. A tender plant, Platinum Kush from had a spicy aroma that was almost sweet-like fruit in the same breath; it actually smelled similar to certain types of hash.

Platinum Weed from bud365

When combusted, Platinum Kush allowed for massive clouds of smoke, filling up the room pretty quickly with a delicious, spicy-sweet aroma, with some earthy undertones. Don’t get me wrong; it still had the skunk smell of a good strain, but you couldn’t miss the unique fragrance. However, just a tip; I wouldn’t consume it anywhere around those who may not like the smell of some particularly pungent bud.

When vaporized, the spicy-sweet fragrance was far more present. It almost smelled like a new strain! It wafted through the air for a short time, emphasizing its exquisite, sweet smell, after a few hits. Flavourful and rich, the sweet and spicy combination stayed with me as a mild aftertaste, even after I was done hitting the vape. I couldn’t taste any undertones of earthy flavour like I could when smoking it, but the sweetness stayed with me.

The Platinum Kush also hit like a freight train, especially when vaping it. This precious strain brought an immediate, body-numbing feeling, along with strong, cerebral effects; washing over me and setting me adrift in its relaxing currents. With 16% to 18% of THC for each sample of the strain, it’s easy to see why!

I was very happy, too; things kept making me laugh or smile. It’s not a feeling where emotions were too intense, it only delivered bright feelings of happiness. It certainly kept me calm and made me sleepy, but I also felt a creative streak at one point.

This night-time strain could also help in treating a variety of symptoms of conditions, such as (but not limited to): insomnia, multiple sclerosis, nausea, migraines, loss of appetite, chronic pain, stress, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders.

Death Cookies (I 75/S 25)

Opening the sealed bag of Death Cookies from was almost like opening a present. The bud was completely caked in beautiful, off-white and tiny, crystalline trichomes. Little sprigs of orange pistils sprung up throughout each nugget, little wisps of orange hues amongst all the gorgeous crystal kief.

Underneath the heavy caking of trichomes were the purplish lines; almost black in colouration, that distinguish the Cookie strain in these buds. Patches of bright green throughout the lines of purple; the flower from was a masterpiece to uphold. I almost felt bad grinding it up, but I had to; for science!

death cookies weed strain bud365

When combusted, it had prominent piney and earth flavours, with a delicate hint of spice somewhere in the bud. The aroma pounded my senses before ! even started exhaling the hit; the spiced fragrance clearing my sinuses, before the piney and earthy aromas took over. Rich and full-flavoured, I was surprised at the complex undertones in the aroma and flavours.

I was expecting something sweet because of the name, “Death Cookies,” although I’m certainly not disappointed at the outcome of what I did smoke. It was still a great experience, just keep in mind that the Cookie strains are given the name because of their appearance, rather than their taste or smell.

When vaped, the spicy undertone was a lot more evident. Inhaling way too much on the vape ended up making me sneeze; however, less was more with this strain and I enjoyed its spicy kick and peppery effects!  A lot more potent in a vape, make sure you let your brain catch up to the effects, before you keep inhaling more!

The taste in the vape was also a bit different than smoking it. The piney flavours were the most pronounced, with earthy undertones and of course; that bite of spice that I ended up loving by the end. My nose got used to the spice after a few inhales, but I was careful not to inhale too much from that point forward.

Smoking or vaping Death Cookies both provided similar effects; although, vaping felt more intense for sure. I was able to immediately feel a sense of relief, like the stress just slid off my shoulders. Happiness, euphoria and total elation were all strong feelings for me.

Furthermore, my entire body felt like it melted into the chair I was sitting in and I was basically numb to the world for a little bit. I really enjoyed myself, although I certainly wasn’t feeling any creative urges like the Platinum strain had made me feel. It was no matter, though; after I tried out Death Cookies, each time, I had the best nap ever.

Additionally, this rock-solid strain can be used to help treat a number of symptoms for various conditions, such as (but not limited to): Insomnia, chronic stress, inflammation, chronic or moderate pain, fibromyalgia, inflammatory diseases, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

Bubba God (I 70/S 30)

Each of the Bubba God nuggets were squat and wide, with an even spotting of orange and bright lime and sage green throughout. The trichomes on each nug almost looked like snow or salt had been heavily sprinkled on the bud. Amidst the orange and green patchwork were little sprouts of more orange, sprouting up with trichomes of their own. The ends of every green section had dark splotches of purple, a gorgeous sight to see overall.

bubba god peak 420

When combusted, it had a pleasant lemony citrus scent, with an undertone that smelled similar to cooked cloves. A fragrant aroma, it filled the whole room with a clove-like spice and lemon scented combination. Moreover, the flavour profile was very prominent with the citrus side of the plant, although I could still taste undertones of the clove.

When vaporized with my Volcano, the lemon citrus flavours and smells were even more pronounced. The clove fragrance and taste I got from smoking it took a backseat to the heavy lemon flavours that came through. It was a fruity experience and the lemon made everything smell clean and refreshing. If you didn’t know what I was doing, you might even be able to mistake the smell for a regular vape.

Coming in at a whopping 27.5% THC per precious nugget, I’m glad I tried’s Bubba God later on in the review. It was so potent, I might have been more tolerant to the other strains! It also didn’t make me feel like a complete couch potato. I was incredibly relaxed and calm, but I felt energized to go do things.

I was able to be productive on this strain, though I still never left the house. Overall, it was a pleasing; although, a different experience that I wasn’t expecting from an Indica-dominant strain. I’m well used to the immediate couch-lock feeling you get with most Indicas, so feeling a little productive was a pleasant surprise!

This godly strain can help with treating a variety of symptoms of conditions, including: migraines, glaucoma, fibromyalgia, parkinson’s disease, appetite loss, fatigue, chronic pain, inflammatory conditions, multiple sclerosis, nausea from cancer, depression, anxiety and other mood disorders (as directed).

Blue Iguana (I 50/S 50)

Blue Iguana ended up becoming my personal favourite from the entire review from and I’m really glad I decided to sample it last. It’s an even hybrid, right up the middle with 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. It’s a very pale strain, covered mostly by a hearty trichome profile that masks the even, orange pistils trying to peek out, throughout the bud. Some buds were even almost-white, which appears to be a trademark of the strain.

Blue Iguana strain bud365

When combusted, the tremendous clouds of smoke gave off a bluish hue and after a few hits I was giggling about how that must be how it got the name “Blue” Iguana.’s Blue Iguana also gave off a mix of herbal and citrus fragrances; the overall aroma was reminiscent of a spiced lemon tart, or something to that degree.

Essentially, it smelled delicious. Flavourful with every hit, even when it was almost cashed, I got a hint of some other fruit in the mix. I couldn’t place my finger on it; something tart and sweet like a blueberry or blackberry. Whatever it was really complemented the entire strain.

When vaporized, Blue Iguana still smelled like a tasty treat, though the herbal aromas became more pronounced. It was when I was vaping this fragrant strain, when the blueberry flavour became prominent and I was able to properly identify the flavour I’d tasted when I was smoking it. The blueberry, mixed with the herbaceous flavours with a hint of citrus; kept me coming back for more.

Blue Iguana gave me a different experience than the other strains I’d tried and while I was still relaxed and calm, it turned me into a talkative nutcase! I was incredibly energetic, uplifted and ready to take on the day. Other than the intense dry mouth it gave me, I didn’t have a care in the world (although I’ll certainly recommend that you be ready with a glass of water in hand!).

My newest favourite strain can also help treat a variety of symptoms or conditions, including (but not limited to): chronic stress, PTSD, appetite loss, ADHD, fibromyalgia, fatigue, mutiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, glaucoma, inflammatory diseases, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

More About Bud365 is a mail-order cannabis delivery website and company that proved to provide the highest-grade flower possible. This leading MOM dispensary helped me gauge the quality of their weed easily with just a few strains.

After I sampled the four strains that I was able to try, I have found to be a cannabis company that is here to stay; even after the cannabis market has settled down. They provided me with craft cannabis, luxury strains and fast delivery options, so I couldn’t be happier.  

They were also a very customer-oriented company; customer service was extraordinary and the delivery was speedy and efficient. It really seemed like they were focused on every individual customer, with the little things that made them stand out. delivered only high-quality strains, with prices that were reasonable to a point where you’d be hard-pressed to find a quality that matches for the value.

Have you tried this dispensary yet? What has been your favourite strain or cannabis product from the website?

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