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We’ve heard a lot of rumours and whispers about FairCannaCare over these last couple months. In fact, as soon as we suggested DispensaryGTA was to review FairCannaCare; we were met with resistance from some members within our community.

Our goal here at DispensaryGTA has always been to approach every MOM dispensary objectively and to be as unbiased as possible; in addition to, creating an inclusive community where everyone is welcome.

FairCannaCare’s website was attractive, well-mapped and easy to use. This MOM dispensary also had online support with chat functionality, to ensure customers’ would have the easiest purchasing experience possible. Moreover, FairCannaCare used simple and concise descriptions to represent their products, allowing quick and easy selection. The price of every single bud was what really grabbed my attention, the lowest priced bud was $2/gram and the highest priced was $7 a gram (we chose bud in the $6 category).  

Furthermore, the package came unmarked, in a professionally sealed envelope containing individual, vacuum sealed bags. All bags were weighed and were accurate. The package was simple and effective; however, I didn’t notice at first glance that the free shipping at $150 was for expedited shipping; not Xpresspost, which added a few days delivery. I noticed later that shipping over $300 did get shipped via Xpresspost.     

Rolex Hash 

Hashish has been consumed for many centuries; first in Egypt, spreading outwards throughout the old world. The first consumers of hashish ate it as an edible because smoking wasn’t popularized until the 16th century with the introduction of tobacco. Today, hashish is usually smoked in pipes, water pipes, joints, and hookahs, sometimes mixed with cannabis flowers or tobacco, or alternatively, eaten; just as the ancients did.

FairCannaCare’s Rolex Hash was made in small batch, from a local connoisseur in the Vancouver area. The hash was hand pressed with the addition of a small amount of water.

Rolex Hash

Rolex Hash

Moreover, Rolex Hash is an indica dominant style hashish; with a hard texture, it was non-pliable by touch and organically produced. The hashish was made with potent, indica dominant strains, to ensure a high quality product. 

I must admit, I was a huge fan of hashish in the past; however, I never had the access to really get it and later, pretty much forgot about its existence I have been reintroduced to hash and this time, I won’t forget.

I rolled a joint with tobacco (normally I would use cannabis, but I only wanted to feel, smell and taste the hash without anything else distracting me). The hash came in a vacuum sealed, small package and was a taupe brown colouration. When broken apart, the Rolex Hash from Faircannacare had a sultry earthiness to the fragrance; as well as, a sweet, piney, spiciness that tickled my senses as soon as I inhaled its seductive musk.

When Rolex Hash was consumed:

When combusted, FairCannaCare’s Rolex Hash produced beautiful, slow-burning and a rich, dense smoke that left both, an earthy and woody fragrance in the air. Moreover, the smoke had a deep earthy flavour, with a kick of spicy woodiness at the end of the pull. Rolex Hash also left an arid environment in my mouth; be sure to have a few healthy beverages on hand!

Moreover, the high creeped up, seductively slowly, feeling like a heavy, warm blanket being gradually wrapped around me. Once the feeling of sedation kicked in, all my pain and stress and anxiety disappeared and I felt truly relaxed for the first time in a long time.   

Bentley Hash 

Bentley Hash is a purified resin that has been extracted and pressed without the use of solvents. Local producers and connoisseurs gather the resin from a wide variety of cannabis plants, from all over British Columbia.

Furthermore, the plant material is mixed with cold water and ice and is agitated violently to shake of trichomes. The substance is further filtered to remove any unwanted plant material and results in Bentley Hash.

Bentley Hash

Bentley Hash

FairCannaCare’s hash was produced by a local connoisseur in British Columbia. This hash had more of the texture I was familiar with, allowing me to roll a nice, long, hash worm for my tobacco.  The Bentley Hash also had a subtly sweet woodiness and a mild grassy fragrance when I raised the dark brown, flaky nugget for closer inspection.

When Bentley Hash was combusted:

When combusted, Bentley Hash was a nice, slow-burning hashish that gave a beautifully aromatic smoke; sending waifs of woodsy pine and a delicate earthiness that lingered and made me want more, again and again. Moreover, the flavour contained rich, intertwined layers; weaved of pine, spice, earth and a soft and subtle muskiness.    

FairCannaCare’s Bentley Hash was a nice, soft and creeping high. This hashish can be utilized in the daytime as an anxiety and depression treatment; or alternatively, at night to wind down. There was a sense of deep relaxation; however, Bentley Hash did not over-sedate, even when in comparison to Rolex Hash.

FairCannaCare offers great value for money for both Bentley and Rolex Hash. Unfortunately, both the Rolex and Bentley Hash are currently out of stock at FairCannaCare. With the incredible prices this MOM offers, it’s no wonder why.  The real question is, will you be able to get some, when they get back in stock?

Indica and Sativa Berry Dinos 50mg/1 candy 

For a comprehensive guide to edibles consumption, please see our link here.

FairCannaCare had a small selection of Berry Dinos, containing either 50mg or 100mg of THC per candy. The dinos are offered for sale in packs of 10 or 20; for the incredible price of $43 for a bag of 10 50mg THC candies. The dinos should be frozen or refrigerated when stored, to ensure they retain their dino shape.

Berry Dinos 50mg

Berry Dinos 50mg

Furthermore, we tested both the sativa and indica Berry Dinos at 50mg THC. The Berry Dinos tasted the exact same for both the sativa and the indica candies; however, they were flavoured a delicious grape flavour, so I didn’t mind at all. Furthermore, the candies had no taste of cannabis, so I assume they used THC distillate, although it is not specified on the website.

The sativa Berry Dinos from FairCannaCare kicked in approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes after consumption. There was a cerebral mindfulness, allowing me to get through my busy workday; in addition to, an uplifted and talkative mood, some mild pain control, and a refreshing and invigorating dose of energy and creativity.

On the other hand, the indica Berry Dinos from FairCannaCare produced a more relaxed, subdued, mellow and sedated high. The candies were taken on a different day and took approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to be felt. There was a moderate amount of pain control with these berry treats; as well as, a happy mood and a full body buzz, guaranteed to help you fall asleep.

The Berry Dino gummies can also help treat a variety of symptoms and conditions, such as (but not limited to): appetite loss, glaucoma, opiate addiction and recovery, multiple sclerosis, migraines, ADHD, PTSD, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, stress and/or other mood disorders (as directed).     

Girl Scout Cookies 

Girl Scout Cookies is an extremely potent, indica dominant hybrid. Some say THC levels can reach up to 28% with this strain. FairCannaCare’s Girl Scout Cookies were a little dry when I opened the bag; however, I dropped a Bodiva packet into my bag and left it for a bit and when I came back, I had perfectly rehydrated bud.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies

Furthermore, this bud was a lush hunter, sage and forest greens; with bright, fiery orange pistils standing frozen at attention. There was also a deep, purple undertone that was weaved throughout the medium and small nuggets in the resealable bag. Moreover, the bud had a light dusting of tiny, white crystal trichomes that glittered reflected light.   

In addition, Girl Scout Cookies aroma was pleasant as well as strong; having a strong earthy backbone with a sweet, soft and gentle spice that soothed the mind before I even started to smoke.

When Girl Scout Cookies was combusted:

When combusted, FairCannaCare’s Girl Scout Cookies produced a smooth smoke, on both inhale and exhale. There was an incredible earthiness to the smoke; as well as, an arid sensation that intensified the earthy flavour, long after the hit was completed. An earthy woodiness was the predominant fragrance Girl Scout Cookies left in the air, it lingered awhile and I enjoyed the scent.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, there were copious amounts of thick, rich and aromatic vapour that was silky smooth. The vapour was moderately aromatic, giving a strong earthy fragrance with a hint of seductive spice. Furthermore, the flavour of the vapour was a strong, earthy aridness, that haunted my mouth until I rescued it with water.

FairCannaCare’s Girl Scout Cookies packed a powerful punch, producing a relaxed, happy and uplifted mood; as well as, a heavy, full body buzz, euphoria, creativity and a cerebral mindfulness, that kept me grounded. Novices should use caution with this strain, as its effects may overwhelm inexperienced users. Moreover, at $6 a gram and a Bodiva packet; you’ve managed to turn a $6 strain into a $10 strain. You do the math.

Purple Kush 

As I opened the resealable bag, I had to rehydrate the dry bud of Purple Kush with a Bodiva pack. After it was rehydrated, the bud was a combination of olive, laurel and sage greens and a healthy frosting of fine, tiny and white crystal trichomes, scattered throughout the bud.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush

Moreover, there were splashes of bright, fiery orange pistils, standing in a stark juxtaposition of colour. There was also a muted, deep purple undertone to the overall hue underneath the bud.  In addition, there was a potent and fragrant, sweet, earthy, spicy and deep muskiness to the potent, large and medium-sized nugs.

When Purple Kush was consumed:

When combusted, Purple Kush from FairCannaCare produced voluminous amounts of dense, rich clouds of sweet, earthy and aromatic smoke, that was quite pleasant to inhale. Moreover, the flavour of the smoke was sultry, with a rich earthiness; as well as, an arid, tannic flavour that was reminiscent of red wine.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, the vapour produced from this pure indica strain was medium bodied and smooth; leaving clouds of aromatic vapour drifting through my room until they dissipated.

Furthermore, the vapour smelled sweet and spicy; invigorating my senses, allowing my mind to wander endlessly in introspection. The flavour of the vapour was sweet and contained a surprising grapey earthiness, completely distinctive in taste to smoking it.

Purple Kush from FairCannaCare was a potent, pure indica strain that quickly produced a highly sedative state with a full body buzz that melted chronic pain. Moreover, this flower also produced a relaxed and happy euphoria and a calm that was broken by only by a mind-numbing hunger, that had to be sated. Be sure to have both healthy snacks and water on hand (unlike me).

Again, I cannot complain with the $6/gram cannabis I got from FairCannaCare. The buds varied in size, and after a couple Bodiva packets, the weed was rehydrated, ready to go, and looked like new. The cannabis from FairCannaCare was potent and there was very little shake at the bottom, the trim of the buds were good.

Ease of Use – FairCannaCare:

FairCannaCare had an easy to navigate website, with on-screen chat functionality and excellent customer service during the entirety of our interactions. I wasn’t enthused about the expedited shipping, which was slower than Xpresspost; however, free shipping is free shipping and you can plan accordingly when you know it will take a few extra days.  

Furthermore, they offered admittedly dry bud that had to be rehydrated; but that was not a big deal, especially at the $6/gram price I paid for each strain. The hash was potent and produced locally near Vancouver, British Columbia and the edibles seemed to be dosed accurately and were a great deal in bulk.

There are MOM dispensaries for craft producers, MOM’s that excel at concentrates, flowers, edibles and everything cannabis related in-between; why can’t there be a MOM dispensary that specializes in budget cannabis products? Not every ounce needs to be a quad.

There are a lot of budget-conscious consumers out there that will find the $2-7 a gram bud “good enough” and we here at DispensaryGTA want those consumers to know they have a MOM that specializes in popular strains at rock bottom prices (but please, don’t come back to me crying it wasn’t perfect, it’s the Giant Tiger of MOM’s people, some stitching might be crooked.). Also, do yourself a favour and invest in Bodiva packets, or save the ones you get (you can reuse them until they turn hard).

Furthermore, do not buy $2 weed thinking that you will get $10 weed. The age-old adage does hold true, you do get what you pay for; however, FairCannaCare allows users who could not afford to assess cannabis otherwise; to do so with a wide variety of cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles and multiple budget cannabis products to choose from. FairCannaCare logoPlease check out FairCannaCare for yourself and leave us a comment below!

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