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Review Of The G Pen Elite Dry Herb Vaporizer – Buy Online With Coupon Code

About the G Pen Elite

g pen elite

Throughout the past few years, Grenco Science has consistently delivered advanced technology, user-friendliness and superior functionality; all encompassed within their G Pen portable, handheld vaporizers. This innovative company is always recognized by their aesthetically-pleasing, glowing, ‘G’ power button and a smooth, sleek and black stainless steel and plastic design. Other G Pen Models include The Gio, The Pro and The Nova.

GrencoScience’s G Pen Elite has its massive, dry herb cannabis capacity, it is their heaviest model and it has the longest battery life in the lineup. This portable handheld is meant for people on the go, that don’t want to have to refill constantly. We received the G Pen Elite bundle from Smoke Pot Canada. The packaging was fantastically unique, in both look and feel and it was reasonably priced at $167.99 for the kit.

Smoke Pot Canada is an online marijuana paraphilia shop, that carries a wide assortment of items, including; bongs, pipes, grinders and a wide variety of vaporizers. While smoking is in their name, vaping is their game; their vape pens are extensive, with portable handhelds, desktop mechanisms and even medical-grade vaporizer kits. For those of you interested in the DIY experience, the Smoke Pot Canada store also offers rosin presses and infusers.

Furthermore, Smoke Pot Canada ships their products in discreet packaging, which is well appreciated because no one really wants a box that shouts, “I smoke the ganja!” Within the package, there was a cylindrically shaped container, which inside lived the G Pen Elite. Additionally, the bundle included: the G Card, a weed cheese grater, the G Pen Tool, a scraper/mixer, the G Pen X Santa Cruz Shredder, their 100% natural hemp grinder, along with a cleaning brush and USB charging cable.

Design and Features

The G Pen Elite is a dry herb, conduction vaporizer; which has a sizeable, fully ceramic heating chamber, that fits roughly a two-thirds of a gram of finely ground cannabis. At its release, the G Pen Elite had the largest capacity, hand-held portable vaporizer on the market for finely ground, dry cannabis.

First Impressions

The mouthpiece is user-friendly to take on and off and is plastic; while this doesn’t affect the flavour greatly, it can become hot. Additionally, the heating mechanism is easily adjustable with the click of either the up or the down button. This unit also has a full range of other capabilities, including switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Furthermore, the G Pen Elite comes with a 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery, which charges in less than 3 hours; it is irreplaceable; but luckily, the pen also comes with a 1 Year Warranty (if registered with Grenco).

Dry Herb Chamber

The fully ceramic heating chamber on the Elite is considerable and impressive in size; the capacity is 0.11 cubic inches, which when the product first came out was the largest in the market.

The only drawback to this is the bowl style is that the chamber does need to be full or close to full (not tightly packed) in order to pull air properly through the convection unit. Further compounding the problem is the slow cooldown of the unit. It makes it necessary to smoke the chamber’s full capacity of two-thirds of a gram.

However, when considering how much weed is wasted in a roach of a joint, or even by the combustion process in general, the difference is nearly negligible. In fact, many regular vapers may consider the large, fully ceramic chamber an advantage, as it is a royal pain to have to stop, grind and load the dry herb into the unit when you are busy doing other things.


Smoke Pot Canada’s G Pen Elite is similar to many portable herb vape pens in its overall shape; however, it is different in that it has a great solid and rugged feel when holding it and somehow remains sleek and beautiful. The pen stands at 11cm tall and has a weight of 88 grams, which only adds to the unconscious feeling that you are holding a sturdy, rugged and well-built vaporizer unit. The G Pen Elite also remains small enough to fit in larger pockets, purses, bags, and in the hand.


The innovative technology within the G Pen Elite allows for a unique experience. The easily adjustable and fast-climbing temperatures allow the unit to soar to your desired temperature quickly and efficiently.

However, the highest temperature is not necessarily what a vaporizer user wants or needs. If you start your session with a lower temperature, you will be able to enjoy an amazingly rich and flavourful experience, without much vapour.

G Pen Elite Review Smoke Pot Canada

As you incrementally increase the temperature of the G Pen Elite, you will experience more vapour, with less flavour, as the temperature rises. If you like a lot of plumes, raise the temperature and enjoy the massive clouds of lightly aromatic vapour and impress your friends.

Or alternatively, if you want to keep your session on the down-low, start it low and slowly raise the temperature at set intervals and enjoy some of the most mouth-watering and flavourful sessions, without much attention being called to yourself.

The temperature of the G Pen Elite is read on a small LED screen, which ties the world of high-priced, juice vape design; to the world of a smaller and sleeker, handheld conduction unit. In addition, this miraculous handheld vaporizer has a wide range of temperatures from 93℃ – 220℃ (200℉ –  428℉) and can heat itself to the highest temperature in 30 seconds. Unlike many other similar units, the G Pen Elite does not have preset temperatures, the user gets to set the exact temperature they prefer.

The only downside to the G Pen Elite’s speedy and precise temperature heat-ups is that the unit is slow to cool down and at higher temperatures, I found the unit to be quite hot. This can be solved by buying a case or silicone sleeve for the unit to sit in; for safe handing or if going in your pocket.

The mouthpiece also became a bit hot to the touch, if the unit had been on for too long or if the unit was being used consecutively, for an extended session. We think this is a portable handheld meant really as a personal unit. If you start passing it around to a group of friends, expect the unit to get quite hot.


The G Pen Elite had an LED display that matched beautifully with the rest of the pen’s sleek and sexy style. The cover of the display was shiny and added to the aesthetic of the sleek unit. This made reading the temperature and its watching rapid ascension; as well as, a four-bar scale indicator for battery life a pleasure to read and watch.


The cleaning process of the G Pen Elite is similar to any bowl or bong: isopropyl alcohol and friction. What is suggested is to use Q-tips: dip them in the isopropyl and then carefully scrub the ceramic chamber. The mouthpiece can be soaked in a water mixture with isopropyl alcohol or vinegar (like most plastics). There is also a screen on the mouthpiece that easily slid out and can be cleaned by soaking or the Q-tip method. As with any vaporizer or bong, the more it is cleaned, the better the flavours.

It should also be mentioned that there is a seasoning process when first buying the G Pen Elite, that is critical to the unit’s future success. The directions state that you must turn on the unit (without anything in the unit) and allow the unit to perform its full, 5-minute timeout. This is recommended to be performed at least TWICE BEFORE using the unit with dry herb. This is to burn off the manufacturer’s oils/chemicals that may have been left behind during production; as well as, to sterilize the unit before first use.

Loading Cannabis

g pen elite

Loading the G Pen Elite is as simple and easy as popping off the mouthpiece, grinding the weed and packing it in the chamber. Here are a couple of hints to make sure every vaping session is a fabulous one.  

When filling the G Pen Elite, the right texture of cannabis is one of the magic keys to pulling an effective inhale through the convection unit. Grenco Science already thought of that problem when they included the G Pen X Santa Cruz Shredder in their bundle; one of the best shredders on the market, that gives the perfect grind for vaporizers.

The second magic key to pulling an effective vape from the G Pen Elite is how you fill the chamber. Do not underfill and do not overfill or pack the dry leaf grind too tight. Air needs to flow through the dry leaf to vaporize the contents properly. I usually give my weed a fluff up with a dab tool, to ensure my dry leaf isn’t too tightly packed

Battery Life

After leaving the G Pen Elite pen to charge for the suggested three hours and after taking it out for the day, I  found the pen to be very suitable for my smoking style: pack it, smoke it, put it away for a while and repeat. I didn’t time my vaping sessions, but I did have quite a few and the G Pen Elite lasted me the entire day, as I was out and about. The company states that the battery life will last 45-60 minutes of continuous use and I found that estimate to be reasonable, considering it was able to last a day without a separate battery.

g pen elite usb charger

Furthermore, this elite pen comes with a USB adapter, to allow easy charging in a multitude of locations. One of the best features of the G Pen Elite is how it can be used while it is charging; a feature that most portable handheld vaporizers lack.

My only grievance with the G Pen Elite vaporizer is its irreplaceable 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery. While Grenco says it is the highest grade battery, the irreplaceable aspect means if the battery dies, it will be difficult, if not impossible to replace.

It does reassure me that the G Pen Elite has a full, 1 Year Warranty if the product is registered.  This means the pen itself can be replaced at least once; however, I would much prefer it, if there was an option to replace the part that most often fails. Tips for saving and extending your battery life include allowing the battery to charge fully every time, to not overcharge the battery and to let the battery to fully die from time to time.

Why Smoke Pot Canada’s G Pen Elite is the Best Large Capacity, Portable Conduction, Dry-Herb Vaporizer

With the new wave of legalization and marijuana’s growing popularity, pioneers such as Smoke Pot Canada provide a massive variety of cannabis paraphernalia, along with useful descriptions and clear and concise pictures. This is the perfect time for Canadian smokers (soon to be vapers, hopefully) to be educated on the health benefits of smoking cannabis versus vaping. 


On Smoke Pot Canada’s website, it is quick and easy to find out which type of vaporizer will fit your lifestyle and budget.  Additionally, Smoke Pot Canada has free shipping over $100, great sales with large discounts and a 7% off discount (Code: GiftCard7) with the purchase of any vaporizer over $150. Luckily, the G Pen Elite qualifies for both free shipping and the 7% discount.

The reason the G Pen Elite attracted me at first was that, at first glance, it was incredibly attractive, with its sexy and stealthy, black sleek design; as well as, the easy to read, user friendly interface.

After using the G Pen Elite for a week, I had the pleasure of experiencing a unit that was high in quality, stealthy, it had a good battery life and was easy to use. Smoke Pot Canada’s G Pen Elite checked all those boxes and more, making this vape the perfect carry on in a purse or coat pocket; especially if you are out and don’t want the hassle of refilling constantly.

The elite pen also felt sturdy and rugged, reassuring me it would survive the turbulence of my busy lifestyle. The non-replaceable battery was a bummer; however, the fact that the G Pen Elite allowed me to vape while charging, helped to overshine any disappointment in such a reasonably priced and well-constructed, portable handheld vaporizer.

smoke pot canada vaporizersDo you have or have you tried the G Pen Elite? What did you think? Have you checked out Smoke Pot Canada’s amazing deals? Please let us know and leave a detailed message down below in the comments!

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