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Lemon Sour Diesel (Sativa 80/Indica 20)

Genetics & Background

The genetic makeup of Lemon Sour Diesel has been opened to much interpretation and discussion by many. Just the strain’s name alone, invokes many fragrances and associations in smokers’ minds.

Some sources will say that the strain is a makeup of Headband and OG Kush, while others opine that it is of the Lost Coast OG and California Sour parentage. However, based on the latest research, the most likely parent strains for Lemon Sour Diesel are Sour Diesel and Lemon Haze.

Lemon Haze is a cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze and is a Sativa dominant strain. Alternatively, Sour Diesel is a mix between Original Diesel and DNL, creating a skunky aroma.

It is no wonder Lemon Sour Diesel (LSD) has a similar skunky fragrance. Also known as just Lemon Diesel, this marijuana strain has an 80/20 sativa:indica ratio. LSD also has a moderate THC content of 12-15%, making it a perfect beginner strain.

Moreover, this sativa dominant hybrid has a CBD content of 0.23%. The primary terpene found in LSD is Caryophyllene and the secondary terpene is Alpha-Pinene/Beta-Pinene.

Lemon Sour Diesel


Appearance & Smell

A beautiful strain to behold,’s Lemon Sour Diesel had a striking appearance with deep orange pistils, a pale, green bud and a heavy coating of white, crystalline trichomes. Its green buds were dense with a spade shape. The plant’s leaves were big and olive green in colour.

True to its name, Lemon Sour Diesel had a nice fruity aroma that was sweet and inviting. The skunky smell balanced the sweet aroma, to add a little tart; which complemented the overall lemony taste and smell. The strain was unlike most diesel weed, which usually has a pungent chemical aroma.


A tall plant, you can expect that it will fill in during its final stages during cultivation, usually in the last few weeks. It has long, broad leaves which are purple-grey during maturity. It takes about 9-10 weeks for the plant to flower.

Strain Effects

Smoking this cannabis strain was a pure delight, thanks to its smoothness and of course; it’s delightful flavours and aromas. When I first inhaled, it tasted sweet, sometimes with a minty hint and a tinge of earthiness to finish off the hit. Its mild smoke allowed me to truly get a taste of the strain, since I wasn’t caught up in a coughing fit like some other gassy strains.

On exhale, I could really appreciate the the lemony aroma that filled the air. You may also detect flavours such as, spiciness or even chocolate, which goes to show the uniqueness of the flavour profile of this strain.

The high from this strain came on like a creeper. After ten minutes or so, I started feeling the full strain effects. An uplifting cerebral high was the starting point, staying true to its sativa influences. The deep body relaxation sensation soon followed.

The physical and mental effects made me feel weightless and happy and the high was moderately long lasting. Be warned though, the indica effects may pile on near the end to try and coax you into a deep, relaxing sleep.

On the bright side, while the strain can make you sleepy, you won’t experience the dreaded munchies, making this the perfect strain if you are concerned with diet.

A mellow strain, Lemon Sour Diesel is the perfect strain to get you into a relaxed mood. Even though it may make you sleepy, the effects are mild in comparison to other strains’, which make it a good daytime strain to have. You will feel functional and be able to carry out your daily task without being hindered by the effects of being too high or sedated.

Because LSD makes users feel euphoric, it often stimulates their creativity, making it a good strain for artists, musicians, writers and other creatives. Want to get into the creative vibe this weekend? Then grab an ounce of this good stuff and open yourself up to the inspiration that comes.

One further caveat; LSD is not only a great strain for smoking, but also for extractions, as it has a high oil and terpene content!

Side Effects

LSD does not have a lot of side effects. The most common ones are the usual dry mouth and red/dry eyes. Another “side effect” of this strain that may be experienced is a heightened libido! If you have no problem with this, it may be a good strain to pop out when you want some sexy time with yourself or your partner!

Medical Benefits

Thanks to its uplifting effects, LSD is a good medical strain for persons suffering from anxiety and depression. Anxiety can be debilitating; it can rob you of your ability to think and make rational decisions. Depression can be even worse; you may feel like you cannot find the will to live. Smoking this strain when you feel down and out can give you the perfect opportunity to regroup.

Why not journal while smoking or vaping? Doing so can be cathartic and help ease your depression. With this stress-relieving strain, you will be able to unwind both body and mind so you can find relaxation, peace and clarity.

It’s also a great pain reliever, so those of you have been dealing with that nagging back pain or pain in any other part of your body, can look to this strain for some much-needed relief.


An award-winning cannabis strain, LSD placed in the top ten at the 2010 Emerald Cup.

A true hybrid,’s Lemon Sour Diesel has a good balance of sativa and indica effects. It has a terrific flavour profile that makes it easy to see why it continues to be a go-to strain for cannabis users. With a moderate high and great medicinal benefits, LSD offers a little bit of everything for both recreational and medical marijuana users everywhere.

Pineapple Express (Sativa 60/Indica 40)

Genetics & History

It is said that Pineapple Express got its name from the stoner movie in which Seth Rogan starred in 2008. A sativa dominant hybrid, the strain was created by Barney’s Farm breeders, who are known for their top-notch marijuana strains. Their intention with Pineapple Express seemed to have been to capture the scent and flavours of a fruit stand or fruit basket!

Pineapple Express has a sativa to indica ratio of 60:40, making it a sativa dominant strain with a good balance between effects. Its parents are Trainwreck; which is a powerhouse in and of itself, and a Hawaiian cannabis strain.

With one parent strain being 100% sativa, it’s no wonder Pineapple Express is also sativa dominant. It has THC levels that range between 10% and 25%. These mid-range to high THC levels, will undoubtedly be attractive to recreational users who are looking for a strong high.

Pineapple Express Green Ace Review

Pineapple Express

Appearance and Smell

Pineapple Express is a tall plant with a dense bud. The auto-flowering plant has a height of approximately 80 inches.

Off the plant,’s Pineapple Express had highly resinous trichomes that glistened softly in the light. This strain also had vibrant orange pistils, that were complimented by the juxtaposition of the deep, olive green leaves. Pineapple Express had tropical flavours and aromas, including sweet, fruity, citrusy, mango and pineapple.

Effects of Consuming Pineapple Express

Even with its uplifting effects, Pineapple Express was also a relaxing and mellow strain. You will, however, get the burst of energy you were looking for, to complete those laborious tasks you need to tick off your to-do list. Say goodbye to couch-lock because this cannabis strain won’t slow you down or affect your mental capabilities, making it a good day-time strain to enjoy, whenever you need a little boost!

You can go ahead and take some deep puffs with this strain, we promise you won’t end up coughing your insides out; as The’s Pineapple Express’ smoke was silky smooth. The high from Pineapple Express came on gradually, lifting my spirits once I began feeling the telltale buzz. I felt happy and sociable; or at least, less grumpy than I did before I started smoking!

Side Effects

Because of its invigorating effect, users, especially amateur smokers, need to be careful when consuming Pineapple Express for the first time. It has been known to cause panic attacks in persons who struggle with this problem. Pineapple Express also causes dry eyes and mouth which can be nuisances.

Medicinal Benefits

The sativa influences in the strain make it ideal for treating patients with anxiety or depression; as it lifts their moods without causing the lethargy or couch-lock some other strains cause.

Also a formidable pain reliever, persons with mild to chronic pain can find some relief from consuming this cannabis weed strain. Moreover, persons suffering from conditions such as, migraines, sciatica, fibromyalgia, shingles and muscle cramps will especially benefit from Pineapple Express’ analgesic properties. It is also a great alternative to opioids and can also aid in opiate addiction recovery.

Furthermore, this strain is a go-to for persons troubled with nausea for whatever reason, including cancer patients; going through chemotherapy. It will also increase the appetite, allowing sicker persons to ingest and keep down much needed nutrition.

Despite the fact that the strain doesn’t necessarily cause fatigue, persons dealing with pain and other complex issues likely have problems going and staying asleep. Quality sleep is another gift of’s Pineapple Express, the indica effects lulled me to sleep almost before my head hit the pillow!  

Growing the Plant

Growing Pineapple Express is of medium difficulty. Novice growers are not recommended to start out with this strain, as is with most sativas. Seasoned growers may get a challenge growing Pineapple Express; but overall, it won’t be too difficult.

While you can successfully grow the plant indoors or outdoors, it fairs better indoors under controlled conditions. If you plan to grow the plant inside, make sure you have a lot of space, as its branches are big. You have to have warm temperatures to successfully grow the plant outside.

Furthermore, it needs to receive plenty of sunlight and have good ventilation. The fact that the strain grows best in warm climates makes it difficult for persons in cold countries to cultivate it, especially if they don’t have the space or resources to carry out indoor cultivation.

Fertilizers such as, Flower Power help the plant to reach its maximum growth and potency potential.

Pineapple Express is a robust strain with resistance to a lot of pests that often ruin cannabis plants, including: insects, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mildew and moulds.

Cultivators will reap about 18 ounces per square meter of this strain, if grown indoors.

Outdoors you can expect an ounce or so more per plant. Pineapple Express takes between 7 and 9 weeks to flower and is harvested in the middle of October. Indoors the strain will harvest within 7 to 8 weeks.

Key Info

See the table below for some quick info on Pineapple Express.

Parent Strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian
Smell Fruity, citrusy, apple and mango
Taste pineapple, pine, sweet, tropical and cedar
Effects Happy, uplifted, relaxed, energetic, euphoric
Difficulty to grow Medium
Flowering 7-9 weeks
THC Up to 25%
Used to treat Muscle tightness, inflammation, migraine, depression, chronic stress, anxiety, fatigue, or generalized restlessness,
Best for Daytime use, social gathering, get through your to do list, creative pursuits

Seth Rogan may have popularised this cannabis strain in 2008, but it’s its amazing effects and physical characteristics that continue to make Pineapple Express a crowd favourite.’s Pineapple Express was exactly on point with quality, burn and flavour!  

Strawberry Cheesecake (Indica 70/Sativa 30)

Genetics & History

Strawberry Cheesecake is as delicious as its name sounds. Created by Heavyweight Seeds breeders, this marijuana strain has a unique taste and a THC content of 20%, making it a favourite among weed connoisseurs everywhere.

Furthermore, its CBD level is approximately 2%, which is also a considerable amount, given the high THC component of this strain. Strawberry Cheesecake is an indica dominant hybrid, with an indica: sativa ratio of 70:30. A cross between White Widow, Chronic and Cheese, this strain certainly packs a punch!

Strawberry Cheesecake Green Ace

Strawberry Cheesecake

Appearance & Smell

Strawberry Cheesecake had a pungent aroma and taste, with creamy, sweet, berry, and strawberry notes, that will have you feeling like you are actually taking a bite out of the popular dessert after which it was named!

This indica dominant hybrid also had small, spade-shaped buds with sparkling white trichomes spread all over, accented by bright, fiery-orange pistils. Its leaves were an amalgamation dark hunter, sage and specks of vibrant forest greens in the dense buds.

When combusted, the plant emitted a delightful aroma containing strawberry, blueberry and blackberry. There was also a sweet, syrupy taste to the strain, that made it even more delicious.

Strain Effects

Strawberry Cheesecake was a diverse strain, great for unwinding, especially after a long day at work! Soon after lighting up, I felt euphoric; yet, completely relaxed, mellow and calm. I felt as if I could take on the world, which was good since I had tasks I needed to complete in the evening, before heading to bed. I also felt more focused, making it possible for me to actually delve deep into the activity I was involved in, without getting distracted by my surroundings.

Though the high from’s Strawberry Cheesecake hit hard, its smoke was as soothing and inviting; as it was smooth. The intensity of the high tended to increase over the first fifteen minutes of smoking, giving me not just a powerful high, but a long lasting one too!

The experience was a pleasant one; although smoking Strawberry Cheesecake during the day might not be advisable, especially for novices. This strain will leave you in a state of pain-free, absolute bliss, until it slowly fades away.

Medicinal Uses

With a mid-range THC level and a decent amount of CBD, Strawberry Cheesecake is a good medical strain as well. It is known for helping patients deal with a myriad of symptoms and conditions,  including (but not limited to): lack of appetite, nausea, migraines, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, fatigue, inflammatory diseases, opiate addiction and recovery, stress, depression, anxiety and other mood disorders (as directed).

Thanks to the balancing effects of the Strawberry Cheesecake strain, users can benefit from its healing properties without dealing with unpleasant side effects, such as, paranoia and feelings of detachment, unlike other strains and medications with similar effect.

Growing the Strain

Strawberry Cheesecake is a robust weed strain that can be successfully cultivated indoors or outdoors. Despite the easy growing conditions, you need to have some intermediate cultivation skills to grow the Strawberry Cheesecake strain. This is to ensure that the plant grows to its full potential, in potency; as well as, size. During the 8 to 9 weeks it takes the plant to flower, it is advised that you use stakes to support the colas, as they can get quite heavy. The plant’s height ranges from short to medium. Indoors, this strain will not exceed a height of 45’’. Along with the great aroma of the plants, you can expect a high yield when they are ready for harvesting.

Using the Screen of Green Method

Strawberry Cheesecake is ideal for growing using the Screen of Green garden method; in order to increase its yield when grown indoors. The Sea of Green (SOG) has been a popular growing method for years. SCROG is similar to the SOG method; however, with SCROG, a screen is used to maximize the plant’s exposure to light. You can use simple screens like nylon netting or a chicken wire to restrain the tops of the canopy as the plant grows. Ideally the holes in the screen should be 5 cm in diameter.

The idea behind the SCROG method is to grow multiple colas under the light, instead of just one bud. When the plants shoot up through the screen, you should pull them down and tie their branches to the screen, creating space for the other buds.

Plastic ties can be used to tie down the plants, while you guide the other branches to the sections of the screen that are now empty. While the branches will spread out and grow at this stage, you will see the most growth when you transition to 12 hours of darkness and the flowering period starts.

Key Info

See the table below for some quick info on the Strawberry Cheesecake strain. Consult it whenever you are ready to purchase cannabis, whether at your local dispensary or online.

Flavours Sweet, creamy, berry, strawberry, cheddar cheese
Positive Effects Creativity, energy, euphoria,relaxation, happy
THC 20%
CBD About 2-2.1%
Medicinal uses Chronic pain, depression, chronic fatigue, stress, nausea, fibromyalgia, nausea, migraines, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease
Best for Daytime/evening use, chronic pain,  creative endeavours, cultivators
Known for Its smooth smoke, sweet taste, no burnout, aroma
Indica: Satva 70:30
Breeder Heavyweight Seeds
Genetics Strawberry, Chronic, Cheese
Growing environment Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks’s Strawberry Cheesecake was a creamy, cheesy, sweet and delicious berry tasting marijuana strain that was a smoker’s dream come true. The great flavour and aroma profiles will delight your senses and coupled with a moderate dose of THC, you won’t regret your indulgence.

With a long lasting high that’s uplifting yet relaxing, persons battling all types of ailments; especially pain-based ones, will find tremendous relief from this strain.

Additionally, cannabis growers will be especially grateful for the strain; thanks to its high yield and the relative ease with which it grows. Without a doubt,’s Strawberry Cheesecake has landed on my shortlist and may be one of the best marijuana strains on the market today.

Tom Ford Pink (Indica 80/Sativa 20)

Genetics & History

Tom Ford Pink is perhaps one of the most potent indica strains to date. Also known as Tom Ford Pink Kush or TFPK, the strain is a must have for indica lovers. Its exact origins are obscure, however, it is said to be Canadian. With THC levels reaching as high as 25%, the strain is a marijuana powerhouse that delights the senses without disappointment.

Tom Ford Pink

Tom Ford Pink

Appearance & Smell’s Tom Ford Pink had a striking appearance, with deep purple nugs covered in beautiful, crystal white, trichomes. Mixed in with the deep purple of the bud were lighter, vibrant pink hues, which only made the strain even more attractive. The bud was also littered with orange pistils and was further complemented by the bud’s deep olive and sage green leaves.

The beauty of this strain mesmerized me, while its sweet aroma wafted through the air and enveloped me into a soothing state, where nothing but joy and happiness existed.

Tom Ford had a plethora of fragrances and flavours, including earthy, woody and sweet. The sweet aroma was almost candy-like and was mouth-watering! This indica dominant hybrid also had a hint of diesel; with the usual amazing kush aroma, that marijuana users have grown to know and love.

Effects of the Strain

Smoking this strain will put you in a 100% relaxation mood, even if relaxation is difficult for you.’s Tom Ford Pink induced complete happiness and euphoria. In addition to feeling blizz, I also felt uplifted and motivated.

The high from this potent strain began with a strong cerebral rush, within a matter of minutes. As the high continued, the effects became more physical and my body started to seep into complete muscle relaxation and bliss.

Tom Ford Pink also provided a long lasting high; which is, somewhat smoker dependent. If you are novice smoker, you can expect the high to go on for several hours. You may even have to go to sleep and wake up for the high to fully dissipate. But for seasoned smokers, the high may not be as long or as intense. Regardless, with a THC level as high as 27%, you are bound to be swept up on a fantastical, cerebral high.

Due to the potently sedating and sometimes hypnotic effects, Tom Ford Pink is best reserved for use during the evening; or at least, when you do not have a lot to do.

Side Effects

Some users express sleepiness and hunger as side effects of consuming this cannabis variety. (Persons suffering from insomnia will undoubtedly love this strain as it will allow them to get the sleep that has been eluding them for so long!)

Still, the superb benefits of smoking this cannabis strain far outweigh these side effects, especially if you plan beforehand. For example, you may want to have a bowl of fruits or other healthy food ready for when you are smoking or eat nothing at all. Instead, remind yourself that you are not really hungry and it is just the munchies.


Due to the high THC content of Tom Ford Pink, it is not recommended for first time users. It may cause paranoia and other unpleasant effects. Always gauge the amount of herb you are consuming, so you don’t take more than you can handle.

Also, beware when smoking this strain in public; as you may find yourself drifting off into space as you contemplate deep life issues, or a creative endeavour you have been working on. Even though you may be grateful and happy with the creative; or even, spiritual insight that you may receive, others may not see things from the same perspective!

Medicinal Uses

The strain is best suited to help treat symptoms and conditions, such as (but not limited to): mild to chronic pain, insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea, migraines, parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, opiate addiction and recovery, PTSD, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

Insomnia and pain are the two conditions that the strain works best at alleviating. As such, it is often prescribed to patients battling these issues.

Growing the Strain

You can buy the seeds of this marijuana plant and start your own cultivation, if you so desire. You can expect growth to take anywhere between 10 and 11 weeks; which is, quite a long time compared to a typical strain.

Key Info

Taste & smell Sweet, candy, perfume, lemon, citrus
Best for Evening use
THC 24-27%
Effects Happy, relaxed, sleepy
Side effect Couch-lock
Medicinal uses Pain, stress, insomnia
Indica: Sativa ratio 85%:15%
Standout characteristics -The strong, sweet aroma.

-Its taste is pleasant with no peppery or spicy notes.

-The texture of the bud is soft and cushiony on the inside and sticky, almost crispy, on the outside.

While some still haven’t had the chance to sample’s Tom Ford Pink in their neck of the woods, hopefully, this review will make you want to get your hands on a gram or ten soon! Its enchanting scent, flavours and effects make Tom Ford Pink a bad-ass strain, every cannabis lover should try. A relatively new strain on the market,’s Tom Ford Pink will no doubt become a household name, sooner rather than later!

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