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Spore Society Review | Dried Shrooms, Capsules, Edible

High-Quality Magic Mushrooms at Unbeatable Prices

Spore Society is an online magic mushroom dispensary serving Canada that offers a wide selection of products to cater to both novice and advanced users of shrooms Shopping for shrooms is simple with their multiple payment options such as E-transfer, Bitcoin, and PayPal.  Whether you are looking to have a psychedelic trip or looking to start a microdosing regimen, this dispensary offers everything that you need. The prices are highly competitive with discounts given based on the quantity that you order. Spore Society makes the ordering and shipping process as simple as possible. All you need to do is choose your preferred products, make payment with your favourite method and finally, simply wait for the package to be delivered discreetly to your mailbox. We found the entire process to be fast and efficient and our own order was w shipped quickly and arrived in only a few days.  Want to learn more about the awesome experience that Spore Society offers? Read on below for our full review of this magic mushroom dispensary:

About Spore Society 

Spore Society is an online Canadian mushroom dispensary on a mission to change the perspective of individuals on shrooms. The store believes that everyone above the age of 19 should be permitted to tap into the many therapeutic benefits of shrooms.  That’s why they provide top-notch products to shroom enthusiasts across Canada. They source their products from reputable Canadian growers to ensure they carry only the highest quality products. You can find the following products on their website;
  1. Dried Mushrooms
  2. Microdose Capsules
  3. Mushroom Edibles
  4. Mycology Supplies
  5. Cannabis Flowers/Buds
  6. THC Edibles 
  7. THC Concentrates 
  8. CBD for Pets
Spore Society offers free shipping across the country for orders above $149.99 and awarded us a $25 coupon after joining their newsletter. We recommend signing up because we also got access to valuable information on promotions, deals, sales, and rewards. This mushroom dispensary also gives out one loyalty point for every dollar spent purchasing their products.

Website Experience 

While browsing the website, we enjoyed the simple yet functional design that allowed us to identify products quickly. If you want to look for any product, place the cursor over the arrow beside ‘MENU,’ and a drop-down bar with the categories will appear. Click on your preferred option and start shopping.  The top menu bar comprises several other pages, including a FAQ section covering all the details pertaining to ordering and shipping. It also covers psychedelic trips, explaining what they are, how to make them memorable and impactful, and how long they last.  The microdosing page goes over good practices while consuming small doses of shrooms. It also explains microdosing, including the correct dose, and the best shroom strains to microdose on.  Overall, we found the website to be extremely helpful and engaging for those looking to begin their journey with shrooms. 

Customer Support

As usual, we looked into customer support functions of the dispensary. Spore Society offers live chat and email as its primary communication channels. We tried the live chat option, and they responded quickly. The representative who helped to answer our questions was clearly extremely knowledgeable about the products featured on their site and was able to answer all of our questions. 

Reviewing the Products from Spore Society 

The order we made focused on shrooms and comprised two dried mushrooms, microdosing capsules, and a chocolate shroom edible. We sampled each product. Below is our detailed analysis of the quality of the products and our verdict on whether it is worth placing a Spore Society shroom order:

Treasure Coast (dried shrooms) 

The Treasure Coast strain is a favourite amongst experienced users whose origin can be traced back to Florida. We received our 7 grams, and you could visibly see that they were clean, and sufficiently dried. We were torn between taking them raw or infusing them in a beverage like tea.
Treasure Coast Shrooms

Treasure Coast

We decided to take it raw and consumed a 3-gram dose. About 45 minutes after consuming Treasure Coast we began to have a psychedelic experience characterized by a sense of enlightenment and full-body relaxation. As we peaked with our trip we experienced some sensory distortions and visual hallucinations. We also experienced increases in our creative thought and a pleasantly altered sense of reality for about 6 hours after taking this strain. The experience was thrilling and gave us a boost in our mood for days afterwards. We believe that Treasure Cast would be a good fit for novice users in low doses and advanced users in higher doses, we recommend doing some research beforehand to figure out what dose is right for you.

Golden Teachers (dried shrooms)

Golden Teachers is another strain that is speculated to have originated from Florida. Just like the Treasure Coast, we ordered 7 grams.  This strain is better for beginners to the world of mushrooms as the effects can be slightly less intense than other strains. Most users have good experiences with Golden Teachers as long as you take the appropriate dose of this stain.  
Golden Teachers Shrooms

Golden Teachers

The effects of the Golden Teachers kicked in for us fairly quick (under an hour), and our trip lasted 5 to 6 hours. In the beginning, we experienced a bit of double vision, then our world began to expand, followed by an immense feeling of joy. When we hit the peak, we also felt a distorted sense of shape, colour, and time.  We recommend being in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere to promote an experience that leaves you relaxed and positively energized.

Psilocybe Cubensis Microdose Stack 150mg

Psilocybe Cubensis Microdose Stack

Psilocybe Cubensis Microdose Stack

Spore Society allows you to choose how many capsules to purchase, starting from five to 120. The Psilocybe Cubensis Microdose Stack 150mg is created from Golden Teacher Psilocybe and several other adaptogenic herbs. These adaptogenic herbs are composed of anti-stress compounds that help fight all kinds of stress you may experience from any source. Being capsules, this product was easy to microdose, as we knew exactly the amount of psilocybin in each capsule – 150mg. We tried taking one pill a day for several days and that worked for us perfectly, easing stress and stabilizing our mood, as well as increasing our enjoyment of everyday tasks. It also helped us maintain a positive outlook on life and reduced fatigue.

1 Up Shrooms White Chocolate

This delicious white chocolate shroom edible comes in 8 connected pieces containing 3 grams of magic mushroom, with each individual piece containing 375mg. The small doses in each piece are perfect for anyone looking to tap into the therapeutic benefits of mushrooms with or without having to experience a psychedelic trip.
1 Up Shrooms White Chocolate 3000 mg

1 Up Shrooms White Chocolate

The chocolate was savoury, making the 1 Up Shrooms White Chocolate an ideal edible for our choosy taste buds. We loved how the onset of the effects was quick, around 30 minutes, and the ensuing smooth, clean high, bolstered our mental, physical, and physiological health for a long period after we consumed each dose.  An individual piece is a relatively high dose for microdosing so consider cutting each piece in half if you are looking to use these for microdosing and want to have a less intense experience. Alternatively, you can take a higher dose, as much as the whole bar, to have a psychedelic experience. With this white chocolate edible you can reap the benefits of shrooms without having to deal with the difficult taste and texture that comes with the dried variety. 

Our Verdict on Spore Society 

We recommend Spore Society for your next mushroom order. We believe they are one of the best online shops for ordering mail order shrooms online.  After thoroughly reviewing the website and products of Spore Society, we have discovered that not only do they have an extremely easy ordering process but they also offer extremely high-quality mushroom products. if you like mushrooms, this is the place to shop and they have a great selection that should enable you to find anything you are looking to order. Another great feature of this dispensary is the fact that their prices are affordable and competitive when compared to other mushroom dispensaries without compromising on the quality of their products in any way.  We loved our experience with this mail order mushroom store. If you are looking for a place to shop for shrooms online, we highly recommend trying Spore Society for yourself, they will not disappoint! We hoped you enjoyed our review of Spore Society, please bookmark our site and check back frequently for our latest updates on deals for the best mail order dispensaries in Canada.

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