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The Pierre Chevet Sports Centre is France’s first public building made from hemp

The first public building in France to be made from hempcrete, a mix of hemp hurd, lime and water, is further evidence that hemp could be a viable construction material for the future.

In August, Vancouver-based Global Hemp Group (GHG) finalized the purchase of the remaining strategic land required for the long-term development of its planned green community in Hayden, Colo.

In partnership with Western Sierra Resource Corporation, GHG plans to create a “Sustainable Economic Zone” and build sustainable, affordable housing with hemp-based construction materials.

The company now has 830 acres available for the development of affordable homes over the 20-plus year timeline of the project.

The project’s master builder is Gabriel Gauthier, who built what is believed to be the first hemp house in North America, located east of Montreal, in 2005.

Gauthier has since built more than 50 hemp houses in

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