Two males, 21 and 15, charged after contraband found at a correctional institution in Ontario

One man and a teen have been charged after packages were found containing contraband on the grounds of the Beaver Creek Correctional Institution in Gravenhurst, Ontario.

The CSC reports that the institution “is a clustered security facility with a minimum site based on a residential design model consisting of small group accommodation houses and a medium-security site based on an open campus design responsibility model.”

Police in Gravenhurst charged two Hamilton men, 21 and 15 years-old after staff at Beaver Creek Correctional Institution found packages containing contraband on the property on Nov 22, 2021 at 4:00 a.m. The pair were located on an adjacent road. #BbrOPP

— OPP Central Region (@OPP_CR) November 23, 2021

Ontario, however, was not alone in announcing illegal contraband had been confiscated over recent weeks. In Alberta, CSC reported the vigilance of staff at the Drumheller Institution

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