Why is Delta 8 THC Flower Trending in the USA?

Delta-8 THC flower has come into practice recently after the ministry of hemp devised it as “Weed’s little brother” in one of the latest released newsletters. Since the time it came into the picture, people in the United States are going gaga over it. Despite people’s excitement for it, the industries could not resist finding out that it is the most intoxicating chemical product in the hemp industry.

Although Delta-8 is getting popular by being referred to as the cousin compound of Delta-9 THC, which is an in-demand cannabinoid, Delta-9 is illegal, unlike Delta-8 THC flower. Delta- 9 is, however, the main ingredient in cannabis.

What exactly Delta 8 is?

We can say it is new cannabis coming into fashion for various reasons. Considerably, Delta-9 is a chemical compound with a double bond on the 9th carbon whereas, Delta 8 THC flower is also a chemical compound but with a double bond on the 8th carbon. Since the time it has come into the picture, it has taken over the market, and its demand is only increasing rapidly in the United States.

If we talk about it in layman’s terms, then it is fundamentally a legal THC product that can get you high, and this is one crucial reason for which it has arisen as one of the most desired and greatly envied cannabis compared to others.

In comparison with Delta-9, it gives a milder and a comparative chiller adventure- and the USP of Delta-8 THC flower is that it’s legal. In contrast, the main product of marijuana is Delta-9 which is illegal. Although Delta-8 flower is also not allowed in all the states – some states have restricted its usage in their region. Rhode Island, Colorado, Alaska, Montana, Iowa, Arizona, Delaware, Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, and Utah are the 11 states who have denied the use of Delta-8 in their state. However, some states have their own rule for Delta-8. For instance, Oregon has only allowed the usage of Delta-8 THC flower, which is extracted from the hemp plant only.

Furthermore, Delta-8 THC flower is marketed for somewhat the same reasons – it is sometimes also called a lighter diet- cannabis, or even cannabis- light kind of marijuana. It is used as a painkiller.

Such varied use of Delta-8 THC flower is one reason we can see it selling and being used in a large number worldwide at probably every legal place where it is allowed, even in other forms and ways. Some examples of Delta-8 THC flower are used at gas stations, wine shops, and headshops.

Delta-8 THC flower is even though found in a small amount naturally still the industries are trying to make way to extract as much as they can to make up for the high demand which has arisen in the market recently. Despite the low percentage recovered naturally, it is still extracted merely because of the purpose they serve in the world.

Why is Delta 8 THC Flower Trending in the USA?

How safe is the Delta-8 THC flower to be used?

If we talk about it apart from fashion, we must know how safe it is to use and the right amount.

Although not just Delta-8 THC flower, if we talk about any drug, one must buy it from a verified and reliable source only as it will be easier to track its authenticity. In case of any discrepancy, it will be easier to hold that person accountable. 

Besides this, it is wise to use such drugs with care. Some people might experience an increased amount of focus and energy, which essentially does not mean that you end up driving or taking up on things that can be extremely dangerous for you and the people around you.

People who have reportedly low tolerance to drugs as Delta-8 THC flower should only consume after consulting a doctor. Especially when you are consuming it for the first time, you might experience panic attacks, stressed after-effects or anxiety, or simply feel unwell after consuming such drugs.

Even though there are almost no deaths by consuming cannabis in an excessive amount, unlike most drugs, you will not be much interested in getting an extremely uneasy state because of the overuse of the drugs.

Delta 8 is mild as compared to Delta-9

List of the reasons why Delta 8 THC flower is in the news lately-

  • It gives a soft high – People have tried almost all kinds of cannabis, and most do not provide a calm high and are usually intense comparatively. People who have experienced Delta 8 THC say that it offers a smooth high without being overwhelming to a less anxious and less extreme experience. The reason for it explained in different researches is, Delta 8 is mild as compared to Delta-9 is quite intense.
  • It is a pain-relieving substance – This is one major reason people are turning towards Delta-8 THC flower because it acts as a pain reliever that further helps relax the body. Many research claims that Delta-8 THC flower has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve pain.
  • Helps improve brain functioning – The foremost reason people get crazy over Delta-8 THC flower is the undeniable role it plays in improving brain health. It is known that the Delta-8 THC flower has neuroprotective potential, which helps in brain functioning.
  • A new thing has come up – People have tried almost all the different substances available in the market and now that they have found something new they are keen to try it and find out whether it can be their thing.


We can conclude by saying that the hype Delta-8 THC flower is creating in the marketing is certainly well justifiable because of the reasons mentioned above and for the fact that a substance that is somewhat similar to Delta-9 THC is legal and comparably less harmful for the person consuming it. Despite the low percentage of natural extraction from the plant, the Delta-8 THC flower has found its way quite fast in the market.