THC-P: what is it? THCP is a compound that was first created as cannabinoid acid (CBGA), also referred to as the “mother cannabinoid” from which cannabinoids are generated. When the carboxyl group of a molecule is examined (a molecule composed of one carbon, two oxygens, and one hydrogen atom). When a portion of the plant […]

Most of you have probably heard about the chemical compound CBD (cannabidiol). However, considering the plant where it was derived, which evolved around 28 million years ago, it’s taken humanity a long time to discover and further study this miraculous compound.  CBD is a cannabinoid compound from the cannabis plant that was first extracted in […]

CBD products are a new trend in organic medicine. There are numerous benefits and applications that CBD can provide. Although CBD is still under heavy research, the preliminary results are amazing and promising for managing various conditions and disabilities. A study showed that CBD has great potential to help manage inflammation and pain. It’s not [&hell

If there’s something in the health and wellness industry earning the spotlight as of late, it’s cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is one of the compounds of the marijuana or hemp plant after already going through a thorough extraction process. And in general, some of the CBD products sold in various dispensaries may no longer be psychoactive […]