You’re exposed to toxic substances every day, from the chemicals you come into contact with at work to the food you eat, that is, if you’re not so keen on healthy eating. If you enjoy a drink or two off-hours, remember that alcohol leaves toxins in your body. Then again, even the air you breathe […]

It has been about a month since thousands of cannabis industry professionals embarked on our annual journey to Las Vegas for MJBizCon 2022, THE conference of all cannabis business conferences, and what an experience it was! This was the 11th year for MJBIzCon, which may not seem like a long time until you examine the […]

Vaping devices are one of the main methods of consuming materials like CBD products. There are traditional means people use to smoke vape products, but there are benefits to using vaping devices such as vape pens. The benefits people get from these devices have made them popular. Also, many producers are coming up with different […]