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Best Cannabis Vaping Advice For Fall & Winter

If you are a vape lover, you will probably want to stay consistent with your routine throughout the year. But pros know that vaping during the extreme Canadian winter gets tricky as your regular device and technique may not fulfill your expectations. However, you need not worry about compromising your experience because a little preparation is enough to get the most from your sessions. You only need to make a few simple adjustments to your winter routine to avoid unpleasant outcomes. Here is the best cannabis vaping advice for fall and winter.

Keep your batteries warm

Dead batteries can kill your vibe while vaping. Unfortunately, it is a common concern in fall and winter when outdoor temperatures drop consistently. Vape batteries are sensitive to the cold, so you must do your best to keep them warm. Exposure to cold temperatures increases their workload, and the extra strain can also affect the battery life. The best way to keep your batteries warm is to indulge indoors. If you plan to vape outdoors, keep your device warm. Avoid leaving it on your porch or in your car when temperatures drop.

Invest in a pocket-sized device

As fall sets in, you may consider gifting yourself a new vaping device for the festive season ahead. It is better to buy a pocket-sized variant as you can tuck it in your pocket to carry it safely wherever you go. Luckily, you can find a perfect weed vape pen canada because cannabis is legal in the country. It is far more convenient than table-top devices because you need not worry about carrying it for your outings or keeping it warm on the way.

Switch up your flavors

Making your vaping sessions more enjoyable in fall and winter is easy, provided you are ready to experiment a bit. The good thing is that you have a lot to play with when it comes to e-liquid flavors. Consider switching to one that fits the chilly weather and sets the mood for festivities. You can skip the cool ones like menthol and opt for warm tropical variants to feel happy even during cloudy and snowy days.

Skip extra-long pulls

Cold-weather vaping also requires a change of technique as your hits tend to be less strong. It happens because the heat your device generates tends to be less when the air outside is cold. You will probably want to take longer pulls to compensate for the weaker draws, but skip the idea. Longer draws stress on your batteries, and they may end up dying before you imagine. Moreover, they increase the workload of your mouth and lungs.

Give extra care to your lips

Seasoned vapers recommend going the extra mile with lip care in fall and winter because the weather is not gentle with them. Moreover, vaping can aggravate the woes of already chapped lips, and they may become dry and flaky. Doubling up on winter hydration is the best way to deal with the problem. You can use a lip balm or coconut oil to soothe and nourish them from inside.

The changing weather should not compromise your vaping experiences, and you can do your bit to keep them as enjoyable as always. Follow these simple tips to realign your sessions this season.

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