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‘Blues Brothers’ branded cannabis-infused ice cream to be sold in Massachusetts

You ever tried ice cream…on weed?

If you’re in Massachusetts, that’s about to get much easier to do.

According to MassLive , Massachusetts-based edible cannabis company Plant Jam is partnering with actor turned cannabis farmer Jim Belushi on the new product line.

Belushi, who started his 93-acre cannabis farm in Oregon in 2015, says the ice cream is in line with his mission on the farm, creating limited edition products that go from farm to table.

“I’ve met many cannabis chefs, but David’s approach is the truest because he uses the full plant and farm to table ingredients,” Belushi said in a news release. “I get a chill when I eat it. And then, I become chill.”

The Blues Brothers-branded ice cream shipped to select retailers this week in two flavours, orange whip and java chip.

Orange whip, made with oranges and

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