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Can Cannabis Heighten Your Perception of the Energy Around You?

Everyone has some sense of energetic perception. Whether it’s a “feeling” you get from someone, or a vibe a particular place gives you – energy can be sensed. The first time I was truly taken aback from this truth was when I purchased a Jade peyote from a street vendor in Mexico.


The guy pointed out to me that stones have their own energetic fields, and having some basic knowledge of this I agreed. Of course, I am no “stone scientist” but there is “some evidence” to suggest that crystals interact with energy in a particular manner. Of course, there are some that claim that crystals can bring you good fortune and the likes, but of that I’m not so sure. It can certainly act as a symbol for you to attract luck, but whether it generates luck I do not know.


Nonetheless, the guy showed me this Jade peyote and says, “This stone only interacts with some people”. He told me to move my hand closer to the stone and as I did, I could feel it push back before I was touching it. I kept on pushing and ever so slightly the stone moved, as if I was interacting with it on some energetic level.


The guy next to me – another shopper – tries to do the same but to no avail. Only a few people around the table had some interaction with the stone, others none. I liked it so much I bought it right there!


But what does this have to do with cannabis? Well, it brings me to something that a Redditor posted on the “Energy Work” thread.


Marijuana Crystals – WTF!


Why not let Anon-Light tell it in her own words;


Had the craziest experience I have ever had while under the influence of Marijuana.


I recently bought a green aventurine crystal to put on my necklace just because it looked cool and was cheap. I did not buy into any of that crystal stuff, even the slightest.


I have had it for a few months. The other night I had some weed that was so potent I was definitely “gone.” This was all of course made up in my head but I tried taking the crystal off of my necklace.


I noticed it became super heavy when I removed it from my neck. As I was trying to take the crystal off the chain, I felt a small electrical field around it. I tried closing my hand around it but felt actual resistance. I was completely imagining it I guess but when it broke free I could physically feel an energetic buzz in my hand like it was vibrating. It freaked me out so much I threw it in a drawer and sobered up. I have never experienced something that physically changed its behavior while high…it has been days and I am still scared.


This post prompted a major discussion about whether cannabis can indeed enhance ones abilities to perceive energy. LunaLover seemed to agree:


WOOOOAHHH !! This is crazy because something like this happened to me before!!


I came home from smoking with my friends and when I got in my room, one of my crystals was on the floor. It was my selenite tower and I picked it up and it was the strangest thing because it felt like it was buzzing and vibrating the same way you’re describing it.


I figured it was because yeah it is a crystal and I’m high so maybe it was just my mind playing tricks, but now that you’ve said it and triggered that memory again there really could be something that marijuana unlocks in our brains to get on a similar vibration as our crystals to feel them!!!


It turns out that many other people shared this experience, and that perhaps there is a lot more to all this “stones and energy” business that we give credit for. While it’s true, there’s a whole lot of woo-woo in this world, certain stones simply have an effect on people.


We’ve been collecting precious stones since the dawn of human history. In fact, the Mayans favored things like Jade, Obsidian, Quartz over the likes of Silver and Gold. The lust for gold and silver was a European thing. For civilizations, these stones had properties that certain classes wore either for protection, luck, health, and a myriad of other desired effects.


Is it all in the mind?


Some people love absolutes. They want to be absolutely sure about X, Y, or Z. It’s partly why the rise of “Scientism” has become more prevalent over the years as the old religions give way to the new ones. Of course, it’s important to distinguish between the concepts of Science and Scientism.


Science is a set of tools we use to hack away at the mysteries of life. We test, and retest, collect data, make hypothesis and advance our knowledge on a wide number of topics. Science is not static, but ever changing – science is NOT a constant. Science is not an absolute. It is simply asking the honest questions and could give two shits about our feelings.


Scientism on the other hand is the belief that “science knows all” and that if science proves it, it must be true. However, instead of utilizing the scientific method, scientism relies on talking heads or “representatives of science” to relay the conclusions that they have obtained by doing “SCIENCE” – an overly complicated phenomenon that the mere peasants would never understand.


Within the framework of scientism, we have things like a “consensus” and “holy assumptions about how life is”. For those who operate under the guise of scientism, they believe that something may be true in their  hearts and minds even if the information is dubious.


The fact that something cannot be currently proven with the tools at our disposal today, doesn’t mean that there isn’t “some truth” to difficult concepts. After all, the entire universe exists in your mind as you are the observer of your universe. No two worlds are exactly the same and if for you there is an insane amount of vibration coming from an inanimate object – then for YOU this is true in your universe.


Of course, we do need some norms in order to work together however you’d be surprised at how much leeway is there within your universe to change the definition or the assumptions of certain things.


Cannabis certainly does have an effect on your perception and perhaps this is what you need to tap into these alternative ways of perceiving reality. Whether these assumptions are right or wrong depends on the person who’s asking.  









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