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Does weed stay good? Does weed last?

Has this thought ever crossed your mind?

It’s an important question. The last thing anyone wanted is to get sick or hurt themselves from consuming cannabis.

Weed that has been stored properly will keep its freshness for a more extended period. Dried cannabis will last 6 months to a year, if properly cured and processed however, it can slowly loose its potency and smell after sometime.

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How Long Does Weed Last?

Is it really harmful to smoke old cannabis? Not if you store your weed properly. It could last a REALLY long time, but will it be the best cannabis? Depends on how long it was stored and how it was stored.

After harvesting, the drying and curing process is critical for keeping the buds in prime condition. This prevents the weed from drying out and losing quality.

It also keeps mold from growing. Mold is something you definitely want to keep away from your weed! Cannabis strains are susceptible to mold growth when exposed to moisture.

To remove moisture, dry the plants and hang them in a well-ventilated area. Make sure the area has low humidity. Most producers dry their flowers upside down after cutting the plant down and clipping the fan leaves.

Cannabis flowers, such as Indica or Sativa strains, that are not correctly stored will dry out and the quality decreases.

Flowers and active phytochemicals begin to deteriorate minutes after harvesting.

Some flowers are cured for up to 6 months. Weed is typically dried for at least two weeks before use. It’s important to prevent moisture buildup during this time. “Bumping” the cannabis every so often can help reduce moisture. The jar should be “burped” every couple of days for the first couple of weeks to ensure the herb is appropriately curing and preventing moisture buildup.

When cannabis is cured, the active ingredients begin to denature and alter their form. Cannabinol (CBN), a breakdown product of the herb’s most famous psychotropic ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol, is more prevalent in older cannabis (THC).

CBN is essentially oxidized THC.

As a result of altering cannabinoids, the overall effect of each bud may fluctuate gradually over time. All cannabis plants are unique and composed of different cannabinoids and terpenes.

Should I smoke Old Weed?

If you’re considering recycling an old bag of weed, keep these things in mind:

  • Mold – can grow in your weed if there is too much humidity or moisture in the plant. Moldy marijuana should never be smoked.
  • Potency – decreases over time. Especially dependent on how the cannabis was stored, but don’t expect the same effect you once had when smoking that weed. It can be quite milder depending on how long you left it stored and the % of THC and other cannabinoids it started with.
  • Smell: Does your old weed have an off-putting smell? If this is the condition, it is better to be safe than sorry and discard it. If it smells mildewy or off, there is a chance it could have mold growing inside of the buds.

Weed should keep its strength for 6 to 12 months when stored properly. After that point, continuing to use it will have no harmful effects, but you may be disappointed by the strength and flavour.

How Do You Identify Good Weed?

Try breaking down the flower to see if it’s fresh. If it falls to dust, it is probably too old and not very potent.

Does it have a weird smell? Kind of musky? Don’t try it, as it could have mold growing.

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