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Germany, Joe Rogan, Weed Taxes and Edible Train Tickets – Latest Updates from December 2021 – Latest Cannabis News Today

The end of the year is fast approaching and we are all getting ready for a new start. Before we embark on a new spin around the sun, here is a look at weed around the world and the latest updates from December 2021. From Germany, Joe Rogan, and weed taxes to edible train tickets, has had an interesting December… 

Germany legalizes recreational cannabis

Germany has become the second European country to legalize the sale of recreational cannabis (Malta was the first). Recently, Germany’s long-time Chancellor Angela Merkel stepped down from her position, allowing a new coalition government to lead. A mix of the left-leaning Green party and pro-business Free Democrats, the new German government plans to allow the controlled sale of recreational cannabis. This proposal was previously blocked by German regulators but is now moving forward. 

Along with establishing a legal market, lawmakers plan to regulate and tax cannabis dispensaries and update youth protection laws.No time frame has been given as to when these changes will take effect. According to current German law, it is legal to consume cannabis but buying and selling it is prohibited.

Joe Rogan cancels 4/20 Vancouver 

Joe Rogan has canceled his Vancouver 420 show due to the vaccine mandate. On a recent podcast episode, he was quoted as saying, “My 4/20 show that’s sold-out in Vancouver, I don’t think that that’s happening. I don’t even think I can get into the country. I’m not vaccinated. I’m not gonna get vaccinated. I have antibodies. It doesn’t make any sense.” The sold-out show was scheduled to happen on April 20, 2022, at Rogers Arena. Ticketmaster has stated that all ticket prices will be refunded automatically. 

San Francisco suspends weed tax to compete with illegal market

In an effort to compete with the black market, San Francisco suspended its cannabis business tax for the month of December. In November, city supervisors voted on the ordinance and approved it unanimously. The move was made to support the legal cannabis market as it struggles to compete with black market businesses. The thought is that most black market businesses are able to avoid taxes and restrictive regulations. Because of this, products can be sold at a lower price. For legal cannabis retailers, there are two options: increase their retail prices or reduce their profit margin. 

“Cannabis businesses create good jobs for San Franciscans and provide safe, regulated products to their customers,” City Supervisor Rafael Mandelman said in a statement. “Sadly, the illegal market is flourishing by undercutting the prices of legal businesses, which is bad for our economy as illegal businesses pay no taxes while subjecting workers to dangerous conditions and consumers to dangerous products. Now is not the time to impose a new tax on small businesses that are just getting established and trying to compete with illicit operators.”

The Cannabis Business Tax suspension ordinance will expire on December 31, 2022. At that time, new recommendations for cannabis business taxes and regulations will be presented to the city. 

Stress-free Christmas – Edible hemp train tickets in Berlin

Berlin’s public transit company came up with a creative way to reduce public stress during holiday commutes: edible hemp train tickets. Each ticket is made of edible paper and hemp oil but does not contain THC. Said to encourage a calming effect, tickets can be purchased for €8.80 and are valid for twenty-four hours. The spokesperson for the transport company, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) is Jannes Schwentu and they made the following statement; “We do make very clear that anyone who wants to use the ticket as an actual ticket, please only nibble on it or eat it after your journey as if it has a bite out of it, it is no longer valid,”

BVG created some very entertaining ads to explain the tickets. Sadly, English subtitles are not available but it’s worth watching regardless. 

On behalf of everyone here at the Cannabis Life Network, Have a very Happy New Year.

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