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The Truth About Snus: 5 Myths Busted

Snus! There could be two reasons if you haven’t heard this word before: you are a non-smoker or have been living under a rock. Because if you are a smoker, then it is hard that you have never heard or read about this word. It’s a new mania in the world of smokers, and many people are willing to know more about it. To satisfy your curiosity, let’s first find out what snus is.

Originated from Sweden, Snus is a smokeless, moist tobacco that you put under the upper lip in powder or pouch form. It is illegal in most European countries, but it is getting popular in the United States, Norway, Switzerland, etc. However, snus, for many people, is still like a hidden pearl in the shell. People are scared to open this shell due to many false rumors and myths that have become so prevalent that they have become stronger than reality.

In the article, we are going to debunk common myths about snus to help you decide whether you should open the shell or not:

  1. Snus is Similar to Smoking

No! There is a huge difference between smoking cigarettes and putting moist tobacco under the upper lip. Smoking tobacco makes nicotine part of your blood system that circulates to the whole body; putting tobacco in your mouth does not transfer nicotine directly to the bloodstream. Moreover, it also sends less amount of nicotine to the body. So, kurwa snus works differently than smoking cigarettes.

  1. Snus Causes Cancer  

Is snus responsible for causing cancer? The answer to this question is debatable. Some are in favor of this statement, while others find it baseless. Although we cannot rule out the possibility of cancer due to snus consumption, the manufacturing process of this moist tobacco minimizes the possibility of cancer. It is treated by pasteurization that kills bacteria, and reduces the amount of harmful, carcinogenic chemicals “nitrosamines.” However, still, it is better to be careful.

  1. You Can Use it Anywhere

Some people think snus doesn’t produce smoke like cigarettes, so it can be used anytime, anywhere. However, it is not true. Snus doesn’t produce smoke, but it can only be used in areas specified by the Department of Defence. No matter how it is used, tobacco of any form is only allowed to use in specific areas, including snus. So, use your smokeless tobacco very carefully.

  1. Smokeless Tobacco Helps Quit Smoking

Research shows that smoking in Sweden has decreased with a 30% increase in snus users. It shows that people are switching to snus from smoking. However, some others claim it is increasing youth tobacco addiction due to its flavors. So, there is no final verdict on this issue. This matter needs deep experimental research to understand further snus’s impact and role in quitting smoking. Right now, we don’t have much evidence to call this statement true.

  1. Only Older Generation Uses it

This is right away a very strong myth. Consumption of smokeless tobacco doesn’t have anything to do with age. Anyone can consume snus, from older groups, middle age people to youngsters. In fact, the American Cancer Society claims that around half of users became smokeless tobacco addicts at an earlier age, between 18 to 22. So, smokeless tobacco usage is prevalent in people of all ages, not just older generations.


These are just a few myths surrounding snus; there are many more. The myths are increasing as the popularity of snus is growing because people relatively know less about it. So, if you want to try snus, you should explore different aspects of this unfermented tobacco. It will help you make an informed decision once you know the reality between fact and myth.

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