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Want to exercise more, eat less, or quit smoking? THCV could kickstart your New Year’s resolutions

Studies show hemp compound THCV boosts energy, curbs appetite, and has nicotine craving suppression effects. You can find some of the strongest THCV gummies and tinctures available for purchase from Rare Cannabinoid Company.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Many people want to get to a healthy weight, exercise more, and eat healthier. Quitting smoking is no longer the top goal but still ranks highly, along with quitting or reducing alcohol consumption and other addictive drugs. What do all these resolutions have in common? Perhaps surprisingly, a hemp/cannabis compound, THCV, may up your chances of succeeding at all of them.

THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) has been found to increase energy, suppress appetite, and offer potential anti-addiction effects against nicotine. Want to see if THCV can help you crush your goals for 2022? You can have your proverbial cake and eat it too with Rare Cannabinoid Company’s naturally lemon-flavored THCV gummies. They’re vegan, taste great, and due to their high potency—25mg per gummy—are a low-calorie option for THCV edibles. The brand also offers the world’s first pure THCV oil tincture, a THCV and CBD blend, and a full apothecary of cannabinoids—CBC, CBDA, CBD, CBDV, CBG, CBN—and terpenes that can be mixed and matched for all your needs.

THCV gummies
Rare Cannabinoid Company’s apothecary includes THCV for appetite suppression & energy, CBN & terpenes for sleep, CBC to enhance mood, full spectrum Hawaiian CBD, and more. Courtesy of Rare Cannabinoid Company.

What is THCV?

If THCV sounds too good to be true, it almost is. Until very recently, it held a mythical status among cannabis strain hunters and connoisseurs. Along Africa’s Congo River, locals were said to use high-THCV sativa plants to give them energy and help them work without food for hours. Western explorers traversed the dangerous river region in search of the highest THCV strains, with at least one losing his life during an expedition. Thankfully, breeding and extraction methods have made for drastic improvements in the availability of THCV in the last few years. Now, the rare cannabinoid, which only naturally occurs in trace amounts, can be taken in far higher concentrations than ever before. 


Everything you need to know about THCV with Rare Cannabinoid Company


THC, the main psychoactive component in cannabis, and THCV have opposite effects despite having very similar chemical structures. The main difference is that THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) turns on the endocannabinoid system’s CB1 receptor, getting you high and potentially giving you the munchies. Conversely, early research has shown that THCV turns off the CB1 receptor, potentially increasing energy and focus, suppressing hunger, and reducing addictive behaviors.

New Year, new you

After indulging over the holidays, many people make forming healthier habits their primary New Year’s resolution. Internet searches and social media feeds are flooded with ways to hack your metabolism, anti-inflammatory diets, paleo, keto, fitness apps, home workout equipment, and on and on. Unfortunately, there’s no sure-fire way to reverse those holiday indulgences and keep your healthy habits going. However, a combination of increasing exercise, decreasing calories, and healthy living can all contribute to a reset. 

This is where the rare cannabinoid THCV may be able to help. It has been found to boost energy which can aid in working out and increasing exercise and fitness levels. 


Looking for THCV, CBN, CBG, or CBC? Rare Cannabinoid Company has you covered

“THCV feels like caffeine or an energy drink minus the jitters and upset stomach. Personally, I feel like I can conquer a HIIT workout or actual work more easily and with more drive and focus, and I forget about snacking all together,” said Jennifer Carlile, Rare Cannabinoid Company Co-Founder.

“I take either a THCV gummy or a few sprays of a THCV oil tincture in the morning. I started taking THCV just over a year ago along with making healthier food choices and working out more, and I’ve not only made significant strides in my health goals but it’s been sustainable to keep up my progress,” she said.

THCV gummies
THCV acts like a stimulant, increasing energy and promoting fitness and exercise, while decreasing appetite, which can help with healthier habits. Courtesy of Rare Cannabinoid Company.

THCV for appetite suppression

How does THCV affect your appetite? All cannabinoids—CBD, THC, THCV, and others—interact with the human endocannabinoid system, turning on and off receptors that affect many parts of the human brain and body. This includes hormones, energy levels, sleep, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and appetite. THCV is a CB1 antagonist. While pharmaceutical CB1 antagonists such as Rimonabant have been used to treat obesity by suppressing appetite and reducing caloric consumption, they have been associated with depressive side effects. Fortunately, new studies have found that THCV can suppress appetite with less risk of depression.

In this study, healthy volunteers were given THCV to see how it might affect brain connectivity in relation to obesity and depression. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and seed-based connectivity analyses were used to study THCV’s effect on the human brain, and the results suggest that THCV appears to offer more control over food intake without causing depression.  

This study also measured THCV’s effects on appetite and the neural reward system (used to predict feelings of depression). The study found that while anti-obesity drug Rimonabant decreased food intake, it also decreased patients’ pleasure and reward stimuli; THCV offered therapeutic activity in obesity with less risk of depressive side effects.

THCV for curbing nicotine cravings

While smoking cigarettes is not as prevalent as it once was, there are still many people trying to quit smoking or vaping nicotine. As one of the most addictive drugs, this is often not an easy feat. We bet a lot of you (or your family members) have tried nicotine gum, patches, hypnotherapy, or leafed through Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Smoking. Perhaps you’ve already quit smoking but need to again. As Mark Twain is reported to have said, “Quitting smoking is easy: ‘I’ve done it thousands of times.’”

Interestingly, cannabinoids can affect addiction. This is because both types of cannabinoid receptors—CB1 and CB2—regulate brain functions relative to the addictive behaviors of reward and relapse. According to this study, CB1 antagonists and CB2 agonists (like THCV) have the potential to offer therapeutic benefits for treating nicotine dependence.

In that specific study, THCV was tested in seven different rodent models of nicotine dependence, including nicotine self-administration and cue-triggered nicotine-seeking behavior. THCV was found to significantly reduce nicotine addiction in the study. Scientists concluded that “THCV may have therapeutic potential for the treatment of nicotine dependence,” and suggested that THCV be tested for possible anti-addiction efficacy against a broader range of addictive drugs in both animals and in humans.

How do you take THCV?

Something to consider with high-THCV flower strains:

Specific cannabis sativa strains, such as Durban Poison and Doug’s Varin, contain higher amounts of THCV than most strains, but they still contain far more THC than a THCV isolate, which will largely negate THCV’s potential appetite suppressing, energetic, anti-addiction properties. To get the full benefits of THCV, it’s best to take it on its own or combined with CBD.

THCV gummies
Rare Cannabinoid Company’s THCV gummies are the strongest currently available for sale, vegan, naturally lemon-flavored, and taste great. Courtesy of Rare Cannabinoid Company.

Reasons to take THCV gummies:

A tasty new way to take THCV is with THCV gummies. Just like gummies make vitamins and supplements more fun and less medicinal, they are a great way to take THCV at home or on the go. Rare Cannabinoid Company’s vegan, naturally lemon-flavored THCV gummies each contain 25mg THCV. At this high potency, the company recommends taking just half-to-one gummy at a time. For those looking to avoid extra calories, half a gummy only contains 4.5 calories. THCV can also be taken with half-to-one strawberry-flavored 30mg CBD gummy. Combining cannabinoids can improve their efficacy by encouraging the entourage effect, but you shouldn’t take more than 70mg of all cannabinoids per day. 

Taking THCV gummies (or any cannabinoid edibles or oils) on an empty stomach can make them act more quickly and have a stronger effect. Onset time varies widely person-to-person but is usually around a half hour. It’s always best to start low, go slow, and keep track of how you feel. Continued use may also help THCV build up in your body and produce longer-lasting effects. 

Rare Cannabinoid Company’s THCV gummies are sold in bottles containing 15 gummies and in Cannabinoid Variety Packets that each contain one THCV gummy along with one 30mg huckleberry-flavored CBN gummy (for relaxation and sleep), one 30mg green apple CBG gummy (for discomfort and soreness), and three 30mg strawberry CBD gummies (for stress relief, calm, and balance).

Yes to THCV tinctures

Pure THCV Oil: Rare Cannabinoid Company also sells a pure THCV oil extract that contains 500mg THCV in MCT coconut oil. The classy bottle has a spray cap and each spray delivers approximately 6.7mg THCV. It can be taken alone but may have enhanced effects when combined with other rare cannabinoids or the brand’s 1000mg full spectrum Rare Hawaiian CBD or 3000mg CBD Booster to support the entourage effect.


Cannabis deconstructed: Create your own custom blend with Rare Cannabinoid Company’s apothecary

THCV and CBD Blend: This is a one-and-done oil that is pre-blended for ease. It contains 250mg THCV and 250mg full spectrum Rare Hawaiian CBD. It is lightly flavored with organic Italian lemon and wild orange oils. Each spray contains approximately 3.3mg THCV and 3.3mg CBD. It acts like a whole hemp supplement and does not need to be combined with anything else (although it could be to promote additional effects). 

THCV, CBD, and other cannabinoids offer unique benefits that help people feel healthier and get more out of life. Courtesy of Rare Cannabinoid Company.

Tips for sticking to your New Year’s resolutions

In addition to THCV, other cannabinoids may help you hit those health, exercise, and nicotine-busting goals. For example, some weight loss programs focus heavily on the correlation between mental health and food consumption. Anyone who identifies with the phrase, “eating your feelings,” will understand this all too well. CBD has been shown to promote stress resilience, balance, and a sense of calm, while CBN (cannabinol) will help you have more restful sleep. We all make better food choices when we’re well-rested and in control of our feelings and emotions.

It’s also difficult to exercise when you’re in pain or feeling sick. CBG (cannabigerol) can ease discomfort and soreness, while CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) can reduce nausea. 

“Each cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis offers something different,” said Carlile.

“We explain to our customers that we offer a full apothecary of cannabinoids so that they can take just what they need, for appetite suppression or appetite stimulation, energy or sleep, or something more unique such as CBDV which is being studied for autism spectrum disorder,” she said.

“Some people will have their favorite morning blend, a post-exercise solution, and something else for nighttime relief and sleep,” she said.

“On our website, you’ll find options to ‘Shop by Need’ as well as links to dozens of scientific studies. For those who have more specialized health questions, we also have a directory of independent cannabinoid experts who can help them,” she said. 


Looking for delta-8-THC? Rare Cannabinoid Company offers delta-8 alongside THCV, other cannabinoids

Rare Cannabinoid Company grew out of sister brand Hawaiian Choice CBD in the first quarter of 2020. Despite its recent start, it quickly established itself at the forefront of the rare or minor cannabinoid marketplace due to its unique apothecary concept. As a pioneer in the industry, it was also the first to produce pure THCV and CBDV oils and its products can now be found in more than 200 stores, clinics, and other locations across the United States, as well as by prescription in Brazil. All products are made in a current Good Manufacturing Practices facility and are third-party lab tested with results available online and by QR code. The company is based in the United States, in Honolulu, Hawaii, and prides itself on offering premium products that contain exactly what they say they do. 

Any brick-and-mortar stores interested in stocking Rare Cannabinoid Company or Hawaiian Choice products can register for a wholesale account on and potential cannabinoid experts can email [email protected] for more information on the directory. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information provided does not constitute medical advice and should not take the place of consulting a physician. This information does not and should not replace treatment from a medical professional. If you need medical advice or assistance, you should consult a physician.

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