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8 Steps For Growing Weed At Home For Beginners

Always wanted to have a few cannabis plants in your garden, but do you have no idea how and where to start? Then this is your chance to start growing your first cannabis plant. In this article, we’ll help you get started. Follow these 8 steps and you’ll know what to expect as a beginner grower.

1. Take the growing period into account

It may seem obvious, but before you start you should first consider the period in which you are going to grow. Autumn and winter are not typically suitable periods to start an outdoor cultivation. A cannabis plant needs warmth, sunlight and long days. So you cannot grow weed in the winter period. The so-called growing season for marijuana plants takes place between April and October. In these months you can grow weed outdoors. Make sure you start on time, because starting September or October is too late. In fact, weed plants need a little time before the buds that make up your weed to come through, so we recommend starting in April, May, or June at the latest.

2. Decide on a nice spot for your cannabis plants

Before you start there is another aspect you should think about. It is important that you have a suitable location for your cannabis plants. Do you have a house with a garden or an apartment with a balcony? Then you can safely proceed to the next step. In a garden you normally have enough space for a number of plants. However, do you live in a house without outdoor space? Then it becomes more difficult. Of course it is possible to place your cannabis plants in front of the window, but it is certainly not ideal. Weed plants need a lot of sunlight, so location is an important aspect of growing the plants.

3. How many cannabis plants are you allowed to have?

This is a frequently asked question. How many marijuana plants are you allowed to have in the state or country where you live? We encourage everyone to grow legally and not break the law. And of course there are rules associated with growing weed. Keep in mind, however, that if you cause a nuisance in any way, your plants and/or your yield may be confiscated by the police. However, this is very unlikely to happen if you don’t cause any problems.

4. Choose your cannabis seeds

Enough thought. Now it’s time to get started. And of course you do that by buying your cannabis seeds. Buying cannabis seeds is an important step for the novice grower. There are many different kinds of cannabis seeds and some are really for people with green fingers. But on the other hand, there are also cannabis seeds that are just right for the beginning grower.

Anystrain features many different strains, even some that are especially suited for beginners. We can heartily recommend that you choose one of the autoflowers the first time around, like the Sherbet Queen Strain. Autoflowers are known as easy to grow plants that require little experience. The word actually says it all. The plant starts flowering automatically.

5. Purchasing material

Would you like to buy everything you need? Then choose a store that has it all; a breathable pot, potting soil, weed nutrition, germination kit, scissors and a whole bunch of goodies and even two seeds of your choice.

When you order marijuana seeds from an AnyStrain partner, they will be delivered in no time. Yet you can already take action in the meantime. In any case, you will need flower pots and potting soil for growing cannabis plants. You may already have these items at home, but chances are you still have to buy them. It’s not an expensive investment at all, but it is something you have to take care of. Once your seeds have arrived you have everything you need to start growing. Besides flowerpots and potting soil there are many other growing accessories that can help you with the growing of your cannabis plant.

6. Weed Plant Germination

Now that have received your cannabis seeds, you can start germinating them. This too is not rocket science. You can even do it in several ways. When you order cannabis seeds you’ll typically receive trays with cotton wool that will help you let the seeds germinate within 3 to 7 days. Would you prefer to use a different method? Then you can head to the AnyStrain website for tips on how to germinate your cannabis seeds. Or read one of the many blogs on the subject.

7. Start growing weed

After your weed seeds have germinated, the real work can begin. Fill the flowerpots with potting soil and place one germinated cannabis seed per flowerpot in the soil. You do this by putting your index finger a few centimeters into the soil, after which you carefully place the seed, with the root downwards, into the hole you just created. Then close the hole and wait until the plant emerges above the ground. Don’t panic if you don’t see anything in the first few days. It can sometimes take up to a week before you see your first piece of “green wonder” appear. Have you succeeded? Then continue growing weed using the indoor weed or outdoor weed manuals that you found online.

8. Caring for your weed plants

After planting your cannabis seeds you may think you’ve got it all figured out, but you’re wrong. Although Mother Nature does half the work, you need to take care of your cannabis plants at least once a day. The task for this, however, is quite simple: watch out for leaf problems and water! Weed plants also require a lot of plant food, or weed nutrition. You can order all of that online.

With this step-by-step plan you will hopefully start growing your marijuana plants with confidence. Before you know it you too will be an experienced grower and will want your own grow tent and equipment.

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